The College Curriculum Committee is responsible for ensuring that all courses and programs have instructional integrity, address appropriate learning outcomes, fit into a sequential framework that leads to students achieving the respective competencies, and meet the college's standards of excellence. The Committee reviews and must approve all additions, deletions, and major modifications to credit courses and programs and as such may assume leadership when there are no tenured faculty in a particular discipline or to suggest a change (addition, deletion, modification) where one may be necessary. The Learning Council and the president receive the recommendations of this Committee.


The committee consists of twenty one members: one Associate in Arts dean, one Associate in Science dean, and nineteen tenured/tenure-track professors [one each from the following disciplines: communications, arts and entertainment, foreign languages, allied health, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, physical education, public service, business, social sciences, technical education, counselor, librarian, engineering/architecture programs, nursing, IT, one at-large member, and the Faculty Council President-Elect. Each member shall have an alternate. Ex-officio members are a campus provost, the AVP for Career and Workforce education, the catalog coordinator, and representatives for Banner, Dual Enrollment, Financial Aid, SACS, Institutional Research, Graduation, Atlas, and Assessment. The committee is co-chaired by a faculty member and the Director, Curriculum and Articulation. The faculty co-chair will be a voting member, will serve a one year term as co-chair during the second year or later of membership on the committee, and may be re-elected to the position. The faculty co-chair will be elected by the voting members of the committee during the March meeting. The VP for Academic Affairs/CLO or his/her designee may only cast a ballot to break a tie vote.

A quorum shall be considered to be more than half of the voting membership.

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