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CITI Access, Support, and Information

CITI is the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. It is a web-based training program for university personnel and students in many areas of research related to ethical decision-making and compliance, which provides certification that typically is recognized for three years.  Login here:


Setting up Your CITI Account and Accessing Courses

Register: If you have  never registered before (you do not have a CITI Program username) please go to and register an account in the system by clicking on "Register" button under "Create an account" from the homepage. After typing and selecting your institution from the dynamic drop down list, follow the prompts to create your account. If you already have a CITI Program username, please log into your account, go to Main Menu, and follow the "Click here to affiliate with another institution" link. Type and locate your institution via the dynamic drop down list and add “Valencia College.”

Follow Directions: These directions will help you to set up your account.  You can download  this handout for screenshots. Directions about completing the courses can be found here.

Access Support: If you have technical support questions, please contact CITI Support using the contact information below. For other questions please contact the Office of Institutional Evaluation:

Get More Information: If you want to read about the course content, please see the informational links below.  If you are a student please contact your professor for directions specific to your courses or if you would like to complete the trainings independently, you are able to do this.  If you are an Undergraduate Research faculty member, please contact Dr. Melonie Sexton for additional information. 


CITI Technical Support


Informational Links

For other questions please contact the Office of Institutional Evaluation:

(IRB) Work Request

Submit an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Work Request

If you are an employee, please create a work request to communicate with the office about your request and track your application. Read the steps on the "forms" page and submit your application there.





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