Who serves on the IRB?

The IRB is composed of full-time employees (with the exception of the Community Representative) with varying backgrounds and expertise to comprehend the nature of the research, as well as other competencies necessary to interpret regulations, relevant law, ethical standards, and standards of professional practice.

 IRB Board Meeting Minutes- Spring 2021

 IRB Board Meeting Minutes- Fall 2020

The following individuals were selected to serve:

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Members (List updated 12-14-2020)

Member Primary Specialty Degree Title
Laura Blasi Education, Social Sciences Ph.D. Chairperson, and Director, Institutional Evaluation
Jennifer Snyder Engineering Ph.D. Dean, Science
Marcy Porter Psychology M.S. Community Mental Health Therapist
Melonie Sexton Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D. Professor, Psychology
Marie Vasquez-Brooks Allied Health Ph.D Dean, School of Allied Health
Chuck Davis  Chemistry  Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry
Adrienne Trier-Bieniek  Sociology Ph.D. Professor, Sociology
Ruby Alvarez Allied Health Ph.D. Interim Dean, Nursing