Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)


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CITI Learning

  • This page offers information about the training and a handout for faculty members.
  • The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program courses have been developed in part to enhance the integrity and professionalism of students, faculty, and staff in higher education related to ethical decision-making in research. These courses are relevant whether you are running studies, participating in them, or you if are in a field that is shaped by research activities and related regulations. 
  • Here is a handout for faculty members to use with students, developed in partnership with the lead faculty member for Undergraduate Research: 
  •  Directions for registering, accessing the modules, getting support and frequently asked questions.


More About CITI at Valencia College

  • The college offers access to CITI training for Valencia College students and employees because we believe in the importance of ethical decision-making and in the need for a shared understanding of the history of research and proper steps to take related to these activities. Within that we seek to understand the impact of research on communities across the United States. 
  • This certification is available without charge for Valencia College students and employees. It is a national certification that can be added to your resume and listed among your credentials for future employers. It is valid for three years and at that point if you are still affiliated with Valencia you can take brief “refresher” courses to renew your certification. The modules are regularly updated by CITI to reflect recent changes and the most updated practices.
  • CITI training at Valencia College:

  • Promotes ethical research practices
  • Creates a shared conversation about ethical decision-making
  • Provides a credential that can be recognized by employers
  • Assures that researchers at the college follow the same standards for the conduct of studies
  • Educates organizational leadership regarding ethics as they provide oversight for activities
  • Prepares Institutional Review Board (IRB) members regarding the ethical conduct of research

Our organizational subscription includes access to all six (6) of the online series listed below, including both basic and refresher levels, where available and specific modules can be administered and related reports run over time.

  • Animal Care and Use (ACU)
  • Conflicts of Interest (COI)
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Human Subjects Research (HSR): Biomedical and Social/Behavioral (plus Revised Common Rule)
  • Information Privacy and Security (IPS)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Each learner receives a CITI Program Completion Certificate as evidence of successful completion of a course. This certificate includes both the course completion date and the course expiration date. To view details related to these courses and their modules, here is the CITI course index.

As a general rule it takes 15-20 minutes to complete each module. For example, if a course has 13 modules, the estimate would be 13 x 15 minutes = 195 minutes to complete the course (for 3+ hours). For a Valencia college course or student program please contact our office to learn more, make a plan, decide which modules may work best for you.

(IRB) Work Request

Submit an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Work Request

If you are an employee, please create a work request to communicate with the office about your request and track your application. Read the steps on the "forms" page and submit your application there.








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