Organizational Communication

The Office of Organizational Communication supports clear and consistent internal communications and collaborative decision-making that provide relevant and timely information to faculty, staff and students – fostering engagement, connection and trust.

Design Principles

Organizational Communication Design Principles

Principle Description
Value people: Communicating clearly with our colleagues is a way of demonstrating our commitment to valuing people (one of our core values). We value our employees and recognize that their need for information is rooted in a desire to do their jobs well and provide good service to our students.
Choice: Allowing employees to manage which information they receive and allowing communicators choices in how they share information leads to less information overload.
Engage: Good communication is two-way, and we want our colleagues to be active participants in the communication process. To that end, each of us has a responsibility for engaging in communication and seeking information that informs our work.
Collaborate: Internal communication is not a substitute for authentic collaboration but is one mechanism for providing information to feed the collaborative process.
Consistency: When we are consistent about the ways in which we communicate, we can have confidence in our process and know that we will receive the information that helps us do our work and serve our students. Through consistent communication, employees will know where to go for information, how to access it and when to expect it.
Trust: Communication is about reducing uncertainty which leads to trust building. It is vital to link our internal communication work with notions of trust-building and to recognize that through clear, concise and compelling communication, we can grow trust among employees and the institution.
Unify: Organizational communication is a way to connect colleagues as part of the same culture and identity, and to reinforce our core values and principles.
Request Services

The Organizational Communication team is available to assist you with:

  • Communication Planning
  • Message Development and Delivery
  • Branding and Graphic Design (for internal audiences)
  • Communication Evaluation and Measurement

For communication and design requests for internal promotion, please complete and submit the Organizational Communication Creative Services Request Form.


Employee News

Employee Newsletters

To ensure you receive the content you need to succeed, the Organizational Communication team sends employees the most recent college news, HR and governance updates, employee and student success stories, and upcoming events in audience-specific, email newsletters from


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The Juice

The Juice is a weekly newsletter emailed each Tuesday to all faculty and staff. This e-newsletter contains updates on Valencia College news and happenings pertaining to all employees or a large population of employees, including topics such as college updates and key initiatives, employee development opportunities, job openings, featured colleagues and organizational stories.

Supervisor Segment

The Supervisor Segment is a monthly publication that is emailed to all Valencia College supervisors on the second Thursday of each month. Topics included in the Supervisor Segment include updates on policies, payroll, procedures, supervisor development opportunities, leadership and supervisory best practices.

Faculty Insight

The Faculty Insight newsletter is delivered via email on the last Thursday of each month to all faculty, deans, administrators and senior team members, and includes important information on academic and instructional affairs. Topics shared include messages from the Faculty Association president; updates on curriculum; general education; workload and compensation; faculty development opportunities; best practices for teaching and learning; and faculty recognition.

Single Features

Emails that contain one specific message for a set employee population are called Single Feature emails. Delivered as needed, these email messages can be distributed collegewide to all faculty and staff or to specified employee segments. Content in these emails contains a single topic or call to action. Examples of Single Feature email messages include benefits enrollment, pay information or emergency communication, i.e., hurricane updates.

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