Word Processing Services

Word Processing Services provides professional word processing and copying services to our faculty and staff. We provide typing and/or copying of tests, quizzes, syllabi, handouts, letters, labels and certificates.

Materials can also be submitted by interoffice mail or email attachment.

Time Requirements

Service Turn around time 
Letters & Memos Two day service*
Typing Two day service*
Copying Two day service *
Type & Copy Four day service*
  * Please allow an extra day for delivery.

Location & Hours


Print tests, quizzes, syllabi, handouts, letters, labels and certificates.

All print work for District Office, Downtown Campus, Osceola Campus, Poinciana Campus, & West Campus will be done by the West Campus Word Processing Center.

Design Work

Print and Design provides college-wide print and design services to faculty, staff, student organizations and clubs.

All design work including brochures, flyers, books, and posters will be done by the East Campus Print and Design Center.


Typing can be requested via email to westwordprocessing@valenciacollege.edu. Materials related to a typing project may be sent electronically within the email or through the mail using mail-code 4-2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Word Processing Services?
Services are available for faculty and staff of Valencia. 

Who is charged for the service?
Your departmental budget will be charged for services. *Be sure to check that funds are available prior to submitting your request.

Which formats are acceptable for submitting materials to be printed?
Digital files and printed camera ready materials.

What are some typical projects that your service has produced?
Typing and/or copying of tests, quizzes, syllabi, handouts, letters, labels and certificates.

Will I be provided an opportunity to proof the work prior to copying?
While we proof read all documents prepared, we encourage you to proof if you wish.

Can I submit my own work for copying?
Yes, please be sure it is "camera-ready"..

What special finishing services are available?
We can provide binding services and three-hole punch for your copy jobs.

Do you archive jobs for reprinting?
Yes, if file is prepared by the Word Processing Center.

Can I obtain copy paper from Word Processing? 

White copy paper can be obtained through Courier Services. At this time reams of Color, Legal, Ledger, or Specialty paper needs to be purchased through your department. (*Printing is still available on these types of paper in Word Processing) 

Any other questions? 

Contact Word Processing at ext. 1231