Kaltura Videos

About Kaltura

Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system that can be used for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other types of media. The system works with Canvas, and accounts are available to Valencia College students, faculty, and staff. Faculty can create videos here to be used as part of their course content or as part of interactive video quizzes. Faculty may also create assignments in which students upload a video through My Media.

  • My Media is a searchable repository of a single user’s media, where users can view and manage private media content. This tool appears on the Canvas course menu by default, but if it does not appear, then users can enable it.
  • Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content assigned to a specific course. The Kaltura Media Gallery is intended to be used as a media repository for a course. The Kaltura Media Gallery is also referred to as a Course Gallery.
  • Embed Kaltura Media is a tool in the Canvas Rich Content Editor for embedding Kaltura content wherever the editor is available such as within an assignment, discussion, and announcement page.
  • Kaltura Personal Capture is a program that can be downloaded onto a computer that allows users to more seamlessly create screencast videos that can be uploaded to My Media. For more information on how to create videos using this program, view the  Kaltura Personal Capture Guide.


The resources below provide an overview of the Kaltura tool.

Kaltura Video for Canvas User Guide

Closed Captions

When videos are uploaded to the Kaltura tool, captions will automatically appear. These auto-captions can be edited for accuracy by using the Closed Captions Editor

The following resources provide a tutorial on how to edit captions in Kaltura.

Editing Captions in Kaltura

Embedding in Canvas

Embed a Kaltura Media in the Context of a Canvas Course

How to Add Co-Publisher or Co-Editor

You can add co-publishers to media to allow colleagues or peers to use the media in their courses without making changes to it. This is perfect for team teaching or if you want to share resources among a small group of people. Note that your screen might be slightly different due to version changes.