Student Frequently Asked Questions

Student Log in

How do I log into Canvas?

At Valencia College, you can access Canvas directly by visiting Login using your Atlas credentials.

What do I do if my password isn’t working for Canvas?

Reset your Atlas password by visiting and selecting Forgot Password. For additional login help, click the Login Issues link on the Atlas homepage.

When can I access my Canvas Course?

On the first day of classes, courses will appear on your Canvas Dashboard. Please see your schedule in Atlas for official course start dates. Some instructors choose to open their course early so students may read the syllabus, however, this is not the standard for all courses.

Why don’t I see my courses on my Dashboard?

Your courses may not appear on your Dashboard if 1) your course has not started yet, or 2) you have not set your course as a “favorite”, or 3) you have been withdrawn from the course, or 4) the term has ended. First, click on the Courses menu and select “All Courses”. Review the list of current and upcoming courses. You may click on the star to add the course as a favorite on your Dashboard. If your course is not in the All Courses list, log-into Atlas, check your messages, and verify your registration status.
For registration questions, visit the Student Answer Center.

How do I get into a course that has already closed?

Courses will be removed from your Dashboard after> 11:59pm, on the last day of the term. After that time, you can find> Past Enrollments under Courses > All Courses.

Getting Started

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) that Valencia has chosen to replace Blackboard Learn. Canvas can be used for orientations, classes, and training. Am I ready for online courses?

How do I get training on using Canvas as a Student?

We have developed a self-paced course to go through basic features of Canvas called Canvas 101. Please visit HERE and earn your Canvas 101 Badge. For additional questions, visit the Canvas Student Guide.

What does a Canvas course look like?

Tour these Demo courses to get a feel for what a Canvas course could look like at Valencia.

My Courses

How do I post to a Discussion?

Discussions can be found either on the Discussions link in the course navigation or linked within the course at different points in a module or page. A variety of options can be available to post, reply, or view discussions. Learn more about Discussions here.

How do I submit an assignment in Canvas?

Instructors can use a variety of different types of assignment submissions. Learn more about assignment submissions here. Don’t forget to double check after submitting an assignment that it has been submitted to your course. It’s your responsibility as a student to verify your assignment submissions, due dates, and submission requirements. For support with assignments, click on the Help button in Canvas.

How do I message my instructor privately?

Click on the Inbox in the Canvas menu to bring up your messages. In the “to box”, select your instructor (or type their name) and compose a message. This will send the message to your instructor only. 

How do I view instructor feedback and grades in the New Canvas Gradebook?

You can view feedback in Grades, including comments or annotations for the file uploaded. The Grades page includes scoring, instructor comments, and rubrics. 

How do I calculate my potential grades based on possible scores for future assignments?

What-If Grades allow students to calculate their total grade by entering hypothetical grades for assignments. Only students can enter and view What-If scores. 

How do I mark a content page as done for a module requirement?

Some courses require you to mark the page as “done” before you can progress to the next item/ module. This document describe how you mark the page as done, allowing you to move onto the next item.

How do I download Respondus LockDown Browser?

If your instructor is requiring you to utilize Respondus LockDown Browser for a test in Canvas you will need to download the browser. When students use Respondus LockDown Browser they are unable to print, copy, visit other websites, or access other application on their computer. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading. Supports both Windows and Mac. View the Student Quick Start Video for about Respondus LockDown Browser.

How do I find an alternative testing site for a proctored exam?

Please check your instructor’s syllabus, course outline, or contact your instructor for more information.

Faculty who require proctoring will schedule tests/exams to be taken at Valencia College campuses, on designated days and times. Your instructor will let you know if he or she is providing the option to use an alternate site. If you choose an alternate site, it is recommended that you designate your site for the entire term. Please note that you will be required to show proper identification at the test site. Alternate site testing is to be coordinated by students who require the use of this service and are unable to make it to Valencia to take a proctored test or exam. Students are expected to pay any fees or costs required at the test proctor location and this is not the responsibility of Valencia College.

To find alternative sites, students may wish to consider the following resource search the NCTA Certified Centers location.

How do I use Conference in Canvas?

The Conferences page allows you to view all the conferences within a course if this feature has been enabled in your course. As a student, you can join conferences where you have been invited to participate. In student groups, you can create new conferences, start conferences, and manage concluded conferences.
Learn more about how to use the conferences interface as a student.

Technical Questions

How do I get help with Canvas?

You can chat live 24/7 with Canvas support by using the “Help” link on the bottom left inside Canvas. You can also call Valencia’s Canvas Support 24/7 at (407) 582-5600, or email during regular business hours.

What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?

Please refer to the Canvas Guides for details about the minimum system requirements to successfully run Canvas.

What desktop browsers will work with Canvas?

Use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Internet Explorer tends to be less effective). Install multiple browsers on your computer so that you can switch over if something doesn’t work. Many times, this can solve simple issues. For additional browser support information, please visit the Canvas Guides.

Do I need any special Plugins or Software to use Canvas?

You do not need to install additional software on your computer, to log into Canvas. However, there are some features within Canvas that require the installation of browser Plugins (Flash, Java, etc) and additional Software (Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, etc). For additional information, please read the Plugins and Software resource.

What do I do if I’m having trouble submitting my assignment/ quiz?

First, if you are using a Mobile device, try again using a desktop computer. If you are on a desktop computer, switch browsers. Make sure you are using a secured internet connection (not public wifi). If you are still having trouble, send you Instructor a message, letting them know that you are having trouble, then contact Canvas support.

Why can’t I see some of the images in my course?

Canvas supports the latest versions of most major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you are using one of these browsers and still can’t see your images, submit a Canvas help ticket.

Is there a mobile app for Canvas?

Yes, there is a mobile app for Canvas for both iOS and Android. It’s not recommended that a mobile device is relied upon for all your work in Canvas. For more information on Canvas Apps visit here.