Faculty Fellows

The faculty fellows program was established in 2013. Faculty fellows for teaching/learning work with collegewide and campus-based colleagues to enhance teaching and learning. Faculty fellows:

  • Create, implement and revise campus-based and collegewide faculty development opportunities that support all faculty members as they expand their professional practices and examine their ongoing development in the seven Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator.
  • Create, implement and revise strategies to support strategic learning initiatives.
  • Create, implement and revise campus-based opportunities to support the development of course and curricular experiences, in all modalities, to improve student learning.
  • Develop and implement strategies to expand communities of practice for full-time and part-time faculty members to achieve excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and technology.
  • Research, articulate and disseminate innovative best practices in faculty development, teaching, learning and technology in all instructional modalities.
  • Increase faculty engagement in the campus Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation and in faculty and instructional development opportunities.
  • Conduct individual and group consultations in select teaching, learning and/or technology topics.
  • Pursue individual professional interests that result in scholarship, innovation and excellence in teaching, learning, assessment and/or technology.

Faculty Fellows

While helping to serve the needs of campus faculty through their leadership, faculty fellows enjoy deep development and the opportunity to renew themselves professionally through scholarship and innovation in teaching, learning, assessment and technology.

 Past and Present Faculty Fellows

Kristin AbelTheater Tech EACProfessor, Theater Tech(407) 582-2403
Rick DexterBiological Science OSCProfessor, Biology(407) 582-4973
Anthony DixonMath EACProfessor, Mathematics(407) 582-2396
Laura MagnessPsychology OSCProfessor, Psychology(407) 582-4123
Nicole MarshSpeech LNCProfessor, Speech(407) 582-7005
Upasana SantraMath WPKProfessor, Mathematics(407) 582-6859
Liza SchellpfefferSpeech EACProfessor, Speech(407) 582-2731
Karen StylesHumanities EACProfessor, Humanities(407) 582--2232
Tina TanSpeech WECProfessor, Speech(407) 582-5679
Lynta ThomasChemistry EACProfessor, Chemistry(407) 582-5000
Daniel TurnerNew Student Experience WECFaculty, New Student Exp(407) 582-5674
LaVonda Walker-McKnightNew Student Experience LNCFaculty, New Student Exp(407) 582-7417
Areeje ZufariHumanities EACProfessor, Humanities(407) 582-2000