Our Team

District Office

Rashida BenjaminTeaching and LearningAdministrative Assistant(407) 582-3844
Wendi DewTeaching and LearningAsst VP, Teaching & Learning(407) 582-3841
Jessica LesterTeaching and LearningStaff Assistant II(407) 582-3869
Stacy RobinsonTeaching and LearningCoord, Faculty & Inst Dev(407) 582-3840

Online Teaching & Learning

Andrea ArredondoDistance LearningStaff Assistant II(407) 582-3029
Lauren BealDistance LearningMultimedia Designer(407) 582-3045
Ashley CabreraDistance LearningMultimedia Designer(407) 582-1051
Rowena HymerDistance LearningFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-3058
Chinyere JamesDistance LearningFaculty Devel/Inst Designer
Khyla LawrenceDistance LearningStaff Assistant II(407) 582-3028
Alex PennDistance LearningFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-3315
Jo SmithDistance LearningFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-3049
Rose TranDistance LearningFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-3160
Geni WrightFaculty Development Distance LearnDir, Online Teach/Learn(407) 582-3005

East and Winter Park Campuses

Aaron BergesonFaculty Development WPFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-6919
Jennifer CalderonFaculty Development EACStaff Assistant II(407) 582-2912
Sally LeslieFaculty Development EACCampus Dir, Faculty & Inst Dev(407) 582-5142
Shelitha McKissickFaculty Development EACFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-2587
Migdalia Otero-OlanFaculty Development EACFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-2472

Vacant, Faculty Development, Faculty & Inst Support Spec

Osceola, Lake Nona, and Poinciana Campuses

Kevin ColwellFaculty Development OSCFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-4214
Austin GagnonFaculty Development OSCFaculty & Inst Support Spec(407) 582-4033
Lauren KelleyFaculty Development LNCFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-7130
Gary KokaiselFaculty Development OSCFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-4812
Shara LeeFaculty Development OSCCampus Dir, Faculty & Inst Dev(407) 582--4723
Sam MeyersFaculty Development PNCFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(321) 682-6131
Megan RogersFaculty Development OSCAdministrative Assistant(321) 682-4724

West and Downtown Campuses

Kathryn CunninghamFaculty Development DTCFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-3041
Matthew DarbyFaculty Development WECFaculty & Inst Support Spec
Dori HaggertyFaculty Development WECCampus Dir, Faculty & Inst Dev(407) 582-1051
Jessica HerreraFaculty Development WECStaff Assistant II(407) 582-5326
Hunter LooneyFaculty Development WECFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-1776
Claire YatesFaculty Development WECFaculty Devel/Inst Designer(407) 582-1613


Teaching/Learning Academy Team