Faculty Development

Faculty Development:  A Comprehensive Program for Valencia's Learning Leaders

Are you interested in enhancing your practice, developing new and innovative strategies, and improving your students' learning?  How about learning from your colleagues and sharing your expertise in a collaborative community within your campus, discipline or division? 

Valencia's comprehensive, competency-based Faculty Development Program provides a variety of opportunities, from face-to-face seminars to online and mixed-mode courses. Courses are uniquely designed and facilitated by Valencia experts . . . your colleagues. 

Faculty Development seeks to support all faculty members as they expand their professional practices and examine their ongoing development in the seven Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator.  The intention of Valencia's Faculty Development Program is to engage teachers, scholars and practitioners in continuous improvement processes that result in student learning.

Create your plan for development today!

Whether you are looking for a single course or interested in working towards a certificate program, you can begin by taking one or more of the following steps:

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