High Impact Practices Plan


For the purpose of this compensation enhancement, high impact practices shall be defined as additional work to improve Valencia's effectiveness as an institution, specifically through a faculty member's engagement in a deliberate, documented process of reflection, planning, action, and observation intended to improve student success. The  high impact practices plan (HIP) is based upon the working theory that each individual becoming more effective in his or her practice makes us an institution more effective. Examples of high impact practices may include  AAC&U's High Impact Practices , the  Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator , discipline-specific pedagogies, and practices named in the strategic plan, campus plans, or division plans. The purpose of the High Impact Practices Plan is to recognize and reward faculty for their ongoing commitment to effective teaching and learning practices, continuous improvement, and student success.



In the first year, faculty members will submit a proposal for High Impact Practices containing the elements below. The HIP Plan proposal must be uploaded by November 15, 2020 (extended from June 1) and approved by the Dean/Director no later than December 15, 2020 (extended from June 30). A conversation about the plan and progress should occur with annual evaluations. The proposal must incorporate the following four elements:

  • Project description including the topic, question or problem that the faculty member is addressing in the High Impact Practices project and any pertinent background information
  • Clear learning goals for the High Impact Practices project both for the faculty member and for students, and how it will contribute to High Impact Practices.
  • Appropriate methods, including teaching strategies, and assessment plan
  • References to related research or nationally recognized guidelines for High Impact Practices category selected, as appropriate.


In the second year, faculty members will submit implementation results, reflective critique, and any documents created during the process. The completed HIP plan with all supporting documentation must be uploaded by June 1, 2021 and approved by the Dean/Director no later than June 30, 2021. This conversation should align with the annual evaluation. The following sources and methods of documentation of HIP Plan are required:

  • HIP Plan proposal, with Dean/Director approval.
  • Results, including what the faculty member implemented, what results were observed/collected, if the learning outcomes were met, and how the project worked.
  • Reflection, including a reflection and critique on results, and insights on improvement.
  • Any documents that the faculty member created or implemented during the process.

High Impact Practices Plan Course Series

Register for one or all of the new faculty development course series designed to support you in the exploration, design and implementation of your high impact practices plan. Please visit the EDGE to search and register.


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