Child Care Assistance Helps Parents Graduate Faster

Student-parents can struggle to afford child care while taking courses. This may lead to taking fewer classes, slowing progress to graduation and delaying the start of the higher-wage career they’ve worked toward. The new Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) program at Valencia College may be able to help.

The Valencia College CCAMPIS Program works with community child care partners, Early Learning Coalition of Orange County, Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County and Community Coordinated Care for Children (4C) to match your child with quality child care providers that meet your specific needs. Our goal is to help you with the cost of child care so that you can complete your college degree.

What is CCAMPIS?

CCAMPIS is a federal grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education that offers financial assistance to low-income student-parents in need of affordable, quality child care services during their pursuit of post-secondary education. The goal of the CCAMPIS Program is to help student-parents:

  • Remain enrolled in classes
  • Enroll in a higher course load to shorten the amount of time it takes to earn a degree
  • Graduate with a degree that opens doors to obtaining employment and/or transferring to a four-year institution for continued studies

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Qualifying for CCAMPIS

Eligibility Requirements

Student-parents in the CCAMPIS Program must meet the criteria below each term:

  • Pell Grant eligible for the current year based on the financial aid application (FAFSA)
  • Enrolled in 6 or more credit hours of full-term courses towards a degree
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Be a resident of Orange or Osceola County
Program Requirements

Student-parents in the CCAMPIS Program must meet the requirements below each term:

  • Attend the CCAMPIS Orientation
  • Engage in at least one educational event or activity
  • Meet with a Valencia College Counselor to complete an Individualized Support Plan
  • Complete online pre- and post-award surveys


Open Enrollment Dates

Open enrollment occurs at the end and beginning of each full-term semester. Please check back for information regarding future open enrollment dates if you missed this application cycle.

Enrollment Period for Spring 2024 is Now Closed

Next Steps

Step One: Submit an Application

Submit a CCAMPIS application to be considered for program participation.

Step Two: Referral to our Community Child Care Partners

If the CCAMPIS eligibility criteria is met, a referral is made to our community child care partners for review. Once the referral is sent for processing, an enrollment specialist will contact you to complete a screening and set up an online portal for enrollment documents.

Step Three: Selecting a Child Care Provider

If CCAMPIS is the best resource for your needs, you will select a child care provider from an approved list of locations provided by your enrollment specialist. The enrollment specialist will work with you and the child care center to finalize enrollment.

Step Four: Payment

Once a child care provider is selected, the enrollment specialist will inform you of your financial responsibility, which is based on a sliding fee scale. The CCAMPIS voucher will cover a portion of your child care costs. You will pay child care costs and any other required fees that exceed the voucher amount directly to the child care facility.



User's Picture
Monica Potts

Project Director, CCAMPIS

    Monica Potts has served as the CCAMPIS Project Director since April 2023. As a part of her responsibilities, she oversees project planning, execution, and management, focusing on supporting program participants' success. With a B.S. in Psychology and an M.S.W. from the University of Central Florida, Monica brings diverse experience from her time serving in the domestic violence, corrections, healthcare, and outpatient mental health sectors. Most recently, she spent five years as a Clinical Coordinator at UCF RESTORES, a grant funded research clinic, offering targeted clinical support to first responders, veterans, survivors of mass shootings, and student survivors of diverse traumas. In her role, she aspires to develop a sustainable program that supports the academic success of student-parents at Valencia.

    Community Child Care Partners

    Early Learning Coalition of Orange County

    ELC-Orange is dedicated to providing children of Orange County with equal access to early educational programs. By connecting families and preschool programs to their network of resources, ELC-Orange is able to foster the success of every child through early learning and quality child care opportunities.

    Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County

    Through their implementation and oversight of School Readiness and VPK Programs, ELC-Osceola aims to increase access to meaningful learning opportunities that support the holistic developmental needs of young children located in Osceola County.

    Community Coordinated Care for Children

    4C is dedicated to providing equal access to quality early learning and intervention programs that promote school success and lifelong learning for children in the Central Florida community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I enroll in the CCAMPIS Program?
    You will first need to complete the CCAMPIS application during an open enrollment period. Submission of the online application alone does not qualify you for enrollment. Applications will be reviewed, and eligible applicants will have their information forwarded to the appropriate community child care partner(s) for review and enrollment.

    2. What happens after I submit my application?
    Once your application is deemed eligible by the CCAMPIS team, a referral will be sent to one of our community care partners, depending on your county of residence. An enrollment specialist from their agency will contact you within three business days after receiving the referral to start the child care enrollment process. Be on the lookout for calls and/or texts from unknown numbers, as you only have 10 calendar days to complete the enrollment process before the referral expires.

    3. What documentation will be required to apply for the CCAMPIS Program?

    You will be required to complete a CCAMPIS application and Student-Parent Agreement to be considered for the program. Once your application is approved and sent to the community child care partners for enrollment, you will be required to submit supporting documentation that may include:

    • Birth Certificates for all children
    • Proof of legal guardianship, as applicable
    • Paystubs
    • Other income documents (e.g., child support, alimony, unemployment, etc.)
    • Proof of residency (e.g., renter agreement, utility bill, etc.)

    4. Will I be screened for other available child care programs during the enrollment process?
    Yes. Our goal is to make sure you receive the most affordable, quality child care that is available. For this reason, the representative that calls you from the community child care partner will screen your eligibility for other child care programs in the county. If another program covers more child care costs than the CCAMPIS Program can offer, you will be enrolled in that community-based program.

    5. How am I placed with a child care center?
    The community child care partners will give you a list of approved child care centers. Using the list, you will select the child care provider that best fits your financial, geographic and child care needs.

    6. Will Valencia College or the community child care partners make sure the child care center I pick has space for my child?
    No. It is your responsibility to contact the child care center to ask about available slots for your child. The CCAMPIS voucher must be used within 30 days of completing program enrollment, so it is important that your child can start receiving child care within this timeframe.

    7. Will the CCAMPIS vouchers cover the entire cost of child care?
    No. Vouchers will cover a portion of child care, and you will be required to pay a copayment based on a sliding fee scale determined by income and household size. You will also be financially responsible for any child care costs not covered by the CCAMPIS voucher. 

    8. What if I drop below 6 credit hours during my time in the program?
    We will monitor eligibility throughout the term. If you drop below 6 credit hours or no longer meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive notification that your enrollment in the program will be terminated. You will have 14 calendar days to contact the community child care partners to discuss other child care programs or community resources. You will be able to reapply once you meet the eligibility criteria.

    9. I have two children in need of child care. Can you assist both of my children?
    Based on available funding, we may be able to assist with the child care costs of a second child. You must include the information for all children requiring child care assistance in your application. This will help the CCAMPIS team determine program eligibility.

    10. Will every student that applies receive a CCAMPIS child care voucher?
    Unfortunately, funding limitations do not allow Valencia College to award child care vouchers to every applicant. If CCAMPIS child care vouchers are unavailable for the current term and you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be placed on a waitlist. Additionally, regardless of eligibility status, you will receive an email from CCAMPIS staff containing the contact information for the community child care agency in your county. This will allow you to reach out to the agency to explore other potential child care programs that may be available.

    11. Do I have to be enrolled in full-term courses to be eligible for the CCAMPIS program?
    Yes. You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours of full-term courses per semester to be eligible for the program. Please check the Valencia College Academic Calendar if you are unsure of the term your courses follow.

    12. Can I participate in the CCAMPIS program if this is my first semester at Valencia College?
    No. You must be an established student with a GPA to participate. After completing your first semester at Valencia College, you may apply.

    Valencia College CCAMPIS (P335A220067) is a grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Education through a $1,364,928 award. The Department of Education funds support 100% of the total costs of the program, and $153,619 is contributed through leveraged funds by non-governmental sources.