After the Interview

The Art of Following Up

Hiring managers and recruiters all agree: following up after an interview makes a favorable impression on the interviewer.

The Thank You Note

Each time that you have an interview or meet with a potential employer, you should thank him/her in writing. This can be done by sending a formal letter, e-mail, or handwritten note.

 Sample Thank You Note

Only abut 30% of job seekers send thank you letters. Taking time to do so will set you apart from others who have interviewed for the job.

  • Sending a thank you note shows that you are really interested in the position.
  • Make sure to have your letter proofread for grammar and typos. Poorly written thank you letters will hurt your chances of getting the job.
  • Send a think you email within 24 hours of your interview or sooner if you know the employer will make a decision before that time.
  • Thank the employer for his/her time and for considering you for the position. If you met more thank one person, send a separate letter to each one.