About Career Pathways and Tech Express

There's more than one way to earn a college degree

At Valencia there are two pathways available for secondary and postsecondary students to earn college credit in Valencia College's career programs.

  • Career Pathways for career and technical education (CTE) students in high school – articulated CTE courses students can take in high school and get college credit at Valencia College.
  • Tech Express for technical college students – articulated career certificates students complete at technical college and get college credit at Valencia College.

Explore career interests in high school while earning college credit

Career Pathways can help train you for a high-skill, high-wage job.  Explore your career interests by taking one or more articulated career and technical education courses in high school. 

Academic Preparation

Students may begin focusing on higher academics and technical skills through Career Pathways while in high school. Career Pathways programs link high school studies to certificate and A.S. degree programs at Valencia College. Credits earned through Career Pathways can lead to a two-year certificate, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree.

Earn college credits in high school

Career Pathways enables students to take articulated Career and Technical Education courses while in high school, successfully pass the assessments, and become eligible to receive college credit when they complete at least one semester at Valencia College as a student. Dual enrollment in high school does not satisfy this requirement. Go to the  flyer that explains the process in detail.

Earn college credit by completing a technical certificate

Tech Express can help increase earnings potential.  With the college credits you'll earn for completing your technical certificate or apprenticeship – you've already started earning credits toward an A.S. degree.  Valencia College's A. S. degree programs are two-year programs that prepare you to go directly to work in fast-growing, high-wage, high-skill jobs.  With an A. S. degree from Valencia College, you can expand your career options and growth opportunities or continue your education at Valencia College and earn a bachelor of applied science.

Easy transition to Valencia College

Tech Express provides information on Valencia College programs that map to technical college programs.  Tech Express coaches are available on your technical college campus to provide on-site assistance with completing the application and enrollment process for a smooth and seamless transition.

Save time and money on a college degree

Transfer Career Pathways or Tech Express credits to an A.S. degree at Valencia College.  By earning college credit while in high school or by completing your technical certificate at Orange or Osceola Technical College, students get a head start on a college degree--saving time and money.