Advisory Council

For the past three years, the Information Technology Program(IT) and the Network Engineering Technology program (NET) have been hosting Joined Advisory council meeting. The joined council created a tremendous synergy and allowed for greater networking opportunities for both faculty and council members. The IT/NET advisory council is actively engaged in the long-range planning of the IT/NET programs. Some of the council responsibilities include: reviewing curriculum for relevance to the changing needs of the community; providing insight into the employment needs in Orange and Osceola counties; Creating cooperative relationships with local businesses, professional organizations, government agencies, and corporations; curriculum review and validation, assisting with placement of program graduates; and assisting with promoting the program in the district areas we serve: Orange and Osceola counties.

NET /IT Joint Advisory Board

Chairman of the Board

James McQuiggan


Council Member Organization

Alvaro Pesce Cotera
Brad Mundt
Craig Nordengren
Edwin Pagan
Howard Mall
Jacob Pinder
James McQuiggan
Jim Thomas
Joe Cosmano
Joel Schwalbe
John Burns
Leah Borkan
Matthew Urena
Mr. Thomas Bower
Ms. Carolyn Shermer
Rajiv Memon
Raquel Pascoal
Richard Kinas
Stacy Zapata
Steven Pankretic
Susan Gugel
Chefchaouni, Hamid A.
Declan Link
Doug Brown
Doug Tran
Hugh Moore
Jeff Bittner
Jeho Park
Jimm Middleton
Joseph Lukas
Lisa Rudisill
Max Porges
Michael Antonovich
Michael van Zwieten
More, Pablo Pablo.More@AHSS.ORG
Peter Lam
Scott McPherson
Shalyn Dever
Tim O'Toole
Tony Morelli