Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm having trouble logging in to Navigator.

Be sure you are using your Atlas user name (not email address) and password. If you are still unable to log in, please contact Debra at

Are there internships in my program area?

The internship opportunities that are available change every semester. If you would like to learn more about the internship program, please contact the internship office on your campus. To check for internship opportunities, log in to Navigator.

What are the eligibility requirements for the internship program?

You have to be a Valencia student and able to register for internship credits. You also have to have at least 12 credits completed, a 2.0 or higher GPA, basic reading and math courses completed (based on your degree), and the program-specific requirement for your major found in the Internship Prerequisites Tool.

Why can't I fill out the internship profile (right now)?

The profile opens and closes based on our open enrollment dates:


If you have further questions about filling out your internship profile in Navigator, please contact Debra at

It's after the deadline, but I have a position. Can I register for an internship?

You will need to speak with an internship coordinator to request special permission to register after our deadline. Contact Us.

How do I find an on-campus job?

The Internship and Workforce Services Office does not handle on-campus employment. Please contact Financial Aid to learn about the Work Study program if you are interested in working on campus as a student.

Why was my internship application denied?

For clarification on any internship eligibility decision, please contact the internship coordinator from whom you received the eligibility message stating that you were not approved.

Why can't I register for the internship?

You must follow the enrollment procedures in order to register for any internship course. Your first step is to complete an application. Details can be found in the student internship page.

How do I get involved with Workforce?

Our department is not associated with CareerSource (formerly Workforce Central Florida). We assist students by offering workforce services in the form of job postings and employment opportunities. You may find details on what we offer on the workforce services page.

I submitted an internship application. What is my next step?

You will receive an email from the internship coordinator once a decision has been made about your eligibility to participate in the internship program. If you would like to confirm that your application has been received, please contact Debra at


How can I build my brand on campus?

Employers are encouraged to connect with Valencia students, faculty, and staff in a variety of ways. The Internship & Workforce Services office can assist in facilitating efforts including, but not limited to:

  • Annual Job Fair
  • Employer Panel Discussions
  • Facility Tours and Site Visits
  • Sponsorship of Events
  • Sponsorship of Faculty Meetings
  • Advisory Board Membership

Please contact our Employer Relations Coordinator Kamla Charles, to find out more information about these and other partnership opportunities.

How can I come on campus to recruit students?

All On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) requests must be submitted through Navigator, our online jobs and internships database. Learn more about how you can begin this process by visiting the On-Campus Recruitment page. Please contact Kamla Charles for more information.

How can I post PT/FT jobs?

You may post jobs in Navigator, our online database. To post a job, please create an account.

How do I hire an intern?

Please contact one of the Internship & Workforce Services Coordinators to learn more about our internship process.

How can I participate in a job fair?

Valencia will host an annual Job Fair every Spring semester. Employers from all industries are invited to participate in this event. Please contact Kamla Charles for more information.