Introduction to the Osceola Campus Labs

The Osceola Campus labs are here to help you with your learning goals. Thanks for visiting and if you have any comments or questions about our labs, please feel free to email us with your concerns.

Osceola Learning Center

The Learning Center is the primary site for non-classroom based learning at the Osceola Campus and includes peer tutoring, communication labs, the Writing Center, IT support, and and open computer lab. It is a place where students can both access technology and receive personal assistance. The Learning Center's mission is to provide an engaging and supportive environment where students can pursue a wide range of digital and traditional learning opportunities.

Academic Systems Lab

Welcome to the future of mathematics! If you are already enrolled in an Academic Systems course, you'll feel right at home here.

Graphics Lab

Enrolled in the latest layout and design courses? If so, our graphics lab is for you.  The Graphics Lab will provide you with all of the software you need to let your creativity loose  with the platform of choice for the graphics professional: the Macintosh!

Language Lab

Are you in an EAP course? If so, this specialized lab is for you. This lab provides you with all your EAP tools as well as assistance to help you succeed.

Math and Science Depot

The Math and Science Depot, located in Building 4, is the place for math and science tutoring. Stop by for face-to-face tutoring and support!