Director - Mike Favorit

Director - Mike Favorit

A Word from the Director - Mike Favorit

As the Managing Director of Valencia College Safety and Security, I would like to welcome you to the college. The Campus Security Department is committed to providing quality security and safety services to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors at each campus. Customer Service is our goal and we strive to make your experience here memorable with a positive and safe learning environment.

I was selected as the Valencia College Managing Director for Safety and Security on September 7, 2015. Prior to this selection my assignment was the Valencia College West Campus Security Manager from April 1, 2014 to September 7, 2015. This encompassed directing security services to the West Campus and District Office. As a Navy veteran and 26 year veteran with the City of Orlando Police Department (retired Captain) I had the distinct privilege of serving all citizens and now the Valencia community with the utmost dedication towards safety and security.

While at the Orlando Police Department my assignments included: Uniform Patrol, Uniform Drug Unit, In-Service Training Unit, Downtown Bike Patrol, Recruit Training Unit Coordinator, Patrol Sergeant, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation Supervisor, Internal Affairs Supervisor, Patrol Watch Commander, Airport Watch Commander, Airport Deputy Division Commander, Drug Enforcement Commander, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation Commander, West Patrol Division Commander and the Special Operations Division Commander. During my tenure as a Police Officer, I received numerous awards and was a certified law enforcement trainer in almost every area of instruction in the police realm.

I am a graduate from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration. As a Police Commander, I attended the Drug Enforcement Administration Commander Course and the Southern Police Institute Command Officers Development Course. Having served proudly for 17 years on the Special Weapons and Tactics Team as a Sniper, Assault Team Member, Team Leader and Assistant Team Commander, I know the inherent dangers within the community and draw from these experiences to serve the college better. I also commanded the Emergency Services Unit for 3 years providing guidance to a team designed to assist any high risk circumstance presented.

I am passionate on serving my community and attack each day with a great amount of enthusiasm and vision for the safety and security for all the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the college.

Michael Favorit, Managing Director - Safety & Security.