Student Leadership Series

A three-tier co-curricular leadership program grounded in experiential learning and leadership theory. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own individual leadership style, gain experience in how to apply this understanding as a part of group leadership and market themselves for future careers and leadership roles.

Student Leadership Academy (Summer)

The Leadership Academy is a four-part introduction to leadership and personal development for student leaders at all levels. It offers engagement in seminars, experiential learning, and community service projects. Students will gain knowledge on their personal philosophy of leadership, explore responsible and purposeful service that meets community needs, and learn to demonstrate effective communication and decision making through team building.

Emerging Leaders Conference (Fall)

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Conference is to provide learning opportunities, through curricular and co-curricular engagement, that promote the application of leadership. Students will learn to identify the basic principles of implementing and maintaining a collaborative environment, discuss the importance of effective partnerships, and will compare and contrast the characteristics of effective leadership.

Leadership Symposium (Spring)

The Leadership Symposium focuses on how to apply leadership and soft skills learned to students' future careers and how to best market these skills. Traditionally an afternoon/event program which includes: networking reception, job search seminars, mock interviews, a keynote speaker and formal dinner. Students will learn to identify transferrable skills to assist in their career goals, practice interviewing skills through a mock hiring process, and engage in a formal networking dinner.