Wellness Ambassadors

The Wellness Ambassadors promote a culture of health and wellness through educational programing and activities that support students in achieving their professional and personal goals. The group's mission is to provide wholistic educational and awareness programming, opportunities, events, and resources based on the 7 dimensions of Wellness to promote healthy lifestyle choices and overall health & wellness.

Spiritual Dimension

Finding peace and harmony in one's life through aligning one's actions with personal beliefs and values.

Intellectual Dimension

Opening one's mind to new ideas and diverse experiences by seeking challenges, learning new concepts, exploring creativity, and improving skills.

Career Dimension

Achieving personal fulfillment and work/life balance through aligning one's values, interests, and passions while making a positive contribution in one's job or chosen career (school if you're a student).

Physical Dimension

Learning and engaging in healthy habits (diet, exercise, sleep and other behaviors) contribute to an overall positive quality of life.

Emotional Dimension

Understanding ourselves, effectively coping with life challenges, and acknowledging and respectfully sharing feelings in a productive manner.

Social Dimension

Establishing and maintaining connections and positive relationships through effective verbal and nonverbal communication, empathy, and situational awareness.

Environment Dimension

Making a positive impact on the quality of one's surroundings-be it homes, offices, communities, or the planet.