Title IX – Sexual Misconduct

In accordance with the US Department of Education 2020 Regulations pertaining to Title IX, the College has established procedures to address allegations that fall within the scope of Title IX. In order for alleged behavior to be addressed under these procedures, one or more of the following must be present, on the basis of sex, that occurs in the College’s educational program or activity within the United States and jeopardizes an individual’s equal access to education:

  1. Allegations of quid pro quo harassment demonstrated by an employee;
  2. Unwelcome conduct that a reasonable person would find so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it denies a person equal educational access;
  3. Any instance of Title IX Sexual Misconduct (Title IX Sexual Harassment, Title IX Sexual Assault, Title IX Interpersonal Violence, and Title IX Stalking) as defined in College Policy  6Hx28:2-01,Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct

For more information on any of these terms, please refer to the Definitions appendix page.

The College’s educational program or activity within the United States is defined as: “Locations, events or circumstances over which the school exercises substantial control over the Respondent and the context in which the alleged sexual harassment has occurred. This includes any building owned or controlled by a student organization that is officially recognized by the College. This includes programs or activities that occur on or off-campus.”

If the alleged behavior does not meet one or more of the criteria listed above or did not occur within the College’s educational program or activity, please visit Reporting Discrimination or Harassment for additional support and how to submit a report of Discrimination or Harassment (non-Title IX).

We strongly encourage all members of our College community to seek support for and report all sex discrimination and sexual misconduct to the college's Title IX Coordinator, or any named Title IX Deputy Coordinator. The roles and responsibilities of these individuals are to assist in removing the misconduct, preventing its recurrence, and addressing the effects. All complaints, regardless of where reported, will be relayed to and evaluated by the College’s Title IX Coordinator.


For more information and to report allegations of discrimination, harassment, or Title IX sexual misconduct, employees and students can contact the following individuals:

Trisha Charles
Director, Equal Opportunity

Ryan Kane
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources,
Title IX Coordinator
Section 504 Coordinator


Submit a Report

Submission of a Report

(Reporting an Incident)

A report may be submitted by any reporting party. Reports may be submitted via in writing or email to the Assistant Vice President, Equity & Access, or a member of the Equal Opportunity team, or through an online submission by clicking Submit a Report below. At a minimum, a report should include the name of the Complainant, the name of the Respondent (if known), and the Title IX Sexual Misconduct alleged.

Please note that submitting a report does not trigger the formal complaint process. Ultimately, the pursuit of a formal complaint depends solely on the interests of the Complainant.



Formal Complaints of Title IX Sexual Misconduct

(Desiring Action from the College)

The formal complaint is a document submitted by the Complainant or an individual who has the legal right to file on behalf of the Complainant alleging Title IX Sexual Misconduct under this policy and indicates a request by the Complainant that the College investigate the allegations under this policy. In circumstances when a Complainant (the person who was impacted by the alleged Title IX Sexual Misconduct) desires the College to take action under this policy (investigation, review of information, Title IX hearing process, and determination of responsibility), they must submit a formal, written complaint. Reporting an allegation to a member of the College who is not the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator is not considered a formal complaint.

Prior to submission of this form, if you have questions regarding the College’s response to allegations of Title IX Sexual Misconduct, or to discuss options available to you, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 407 582-3421 or via email,

Submissions are typically responded to within 1 business day. If you are experiencing an emergency and you need immediate medical or law enforcement assistance, please dial 911.

Submit a Report