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In addition to the Title IX coordinator, staff members in the Equal Opportunity Office are able to assist those who have questions about the College’s process or if individuals need to report alleged discrimination, harassment, and Title IX Sexual Misconduct. This includes instances of sexual assault, interpersonal violence and stalking.

Equal Opportunity Office

For more information and to report allegations of discrimination, harassment, or Title IX sexual misconduct, employees and students can contact the following individuals:

Trisha Charles
Director, Equal Opportunity

Ryan Kane
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources,
Title IX Coordinator
Section 504 Coordinator

Coretta Cotton
Assistant Director
Equal Opportunity


Equal Opportunity Coordination Committee

There are members of the Equal Opportunity Coordination Committee available across the College to serve as additional resources. Although some of these individuals are not Deputy Title IX Coordinators, they can serve as support and as a resource to connect students and employees with the appropriate individuals to make a report. To speak with a member of the Equal Opportunity Coordination Committee, please see the contact information below.

Name Title Phone E-mail Address
Ryan Kane Assistant Vice President, Human Resources 407-582-3421
Trisha Charles Director, Equal Opportunity 407-582-3867
Coretta Cotton Assistant Director, Equal Opportunity 407-582-3069
Carla McKnight Vice President, Organizational Development and Human Resources 407-582-1756
Lauren Kelly Director, Employee Relations 407-582-8125
Tanner Anthony Assistant Director, Employee Relations 321-682-4093
Jaclyn Taylor Assistant Director, Employee Relations 407-582-5567
Andel Fils Aime Dean of Counseling, Advising, and Holistic Student Support 407-582-1938
Mary Zuchovicki Director, Student Conduct 407-582-1929
Darius Adams Assistant Director, Student Conduct 407-582-7973
Nicholle Trapp Director, Student Services, Lake Nona 321-682-4873
Julie Corderman Director, Student Services, Winter Park 407-582-6868
Mary McGowan Director, Student Services, Poinciana 407-582-6069
Paul Rooney Assistant Vice President, Campus Operations 407-582-1100
Mike Favorit Managing Director, Safety and Security 407-582-1336
Stan Knutowicz Director, Security, West Region 407-582-1327
Euclides Lopez Director, Security, East Region 407-582-2365
Misty Ellis Peaslee Director, Security, South Region 407-582-1047
Rachel Schwitters Director, Office for Students with Disabilities 321-682-4520