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Fall 2020 Taking the Pulse Regarding Higher Education Expectations - Five Focus Groups        

Five focus groups were convened in November 2020 in order to understand the ways that people in our region are thinking about higher education as part of the “Taking the Pulse of Higher Education” project (N=14). The groups were held first with current students and then with those in the Student Government Association (SGA). Prospective students participated next and the final two focus groups were held with non-enrolled adults and then with parents of Valencia College students. The focus group results can be compared to the survey results (N=970) which are not reported here, but are available upon request.  January 26, 2021.

 Fall 2020 Taking the Pulse Higher Education ‐ Higher Education Expectations ‐ Five Focus Groups

 Taking the Pulse- Summary III- Students with Disabilities 


Student Perceptions and Experiences to Inform the Educational Outcomes (Report II)

The Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC) was held on Nov. 9, 2018 in the West campus Special Events Center and in the afternoon approximately 160 students (distributed across 20 round tables) rotated through four 25 minute focus groups and activities that we designed in order to learn about their perceptions of the college, our services, and how we help them to succeed. This report was written to inform "Insight Planning Teams" as they explored issues related to the college-wide education outcomes and student success.  January 29, 2019

 Student Perceptions and Experiences to Inform the Educational Outcomes (Report II)

Academic Integrity Focus Group Report – 2018‐2019

The Academic Integrity for Online Learning Environments Work Team was asked to analyze Valencia’s current practices to promote academic integrity in an online learning environment in part to recognize and expand effective strategies. Over the fall term the study broadened to include both online and face‐to‐face student experiences.  After a survey of students regarding Academic Integrity (N=5,342) was conducted in October 2018, students were invited to participate in the focus groups. They were currently enrolled students at Valencia College and gathered on three of Valencia’s campuses (N=16). February 19, 2019

 Academic Integrity Focus Group Report - 2018-2019