West Campus Math Department


Valencia's West Campus Mathematics Division will foster appreciation of the beauty of mathematics, and will produce students accomplished in its application.


  • We value personal interaction with learners as a means of assisting them technically and encouraging them in their work.
  • We value sensitivity to the individual styles of learners.
  • We value the cognitive processes required to learn mathematical problem solving.
  • We value the growth provided by working with concepts that are different and challenging.
  • We value the discipline and perseverance it takes to learn as a lifelong process.
  • We value a sense of community within the department and the college.
  • We value accessibility for learners to the resources of the department.
  • We value on-going feedback and assessment of the department's effectiveness in meeting the needs of Valencia's learning community.


The mission of the West Campus Division of Mathematics is to focus on learning to provide excellent instruction and support for students.