Capella University

What the Student Needs to Know

What Valencia degree is articulated with Capella University?

A.A. Degree (minimum grade of C in course work)
A.S. Degree (will evaluate and transfer courses that meet Capella's degree requirements on a course-by-course basis. General Education core will be taken as a block.)

What degree will be earned at Capella University?

B.A. Degree or B.S. Degree

What is the deadline for application?

None specified

How many credit hours will be accepted?

All college-level courses meeting Capella University's transfer requirements will be evaluated for transfer into its Baccalaureate degree programs up to a maximum of 88 semester hours of academic credit.

How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded?

Not specified. However, learners must complete a minimum of 50% of their core and specialization courses at Capella University.

Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

None specified

Are there any scholarships available?

None listed. A 10% tuition reduction will be made available to all eligible Valencia faculty, staff, and graduates on all Capella courses, excluding fees. This will begin as of the date of the Agreement and is not retroactive.

What date was the agreement signed?

January 2016

Is there any special information?

Please refer to  Capella Agreement

Who can be contacted for information at Capella University?

John Rydberg
Enrollment Services
Capella Education Company
Capella Tower
225 S. 6th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Direct: 1-888-227-9896
Fax: 612- 977-5060



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