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What the Student Needs to Know

What Valencia degree is articulated with National University?

A.A. Degree or A.S. Degree
National will not give credit for any course work with a grade less than a "C"

What degree will be earned at National University?

 Bachelor Degree Program areas

What is the deadline for application?


How many credit hours will be accepted?

All general education courses for the Valencia degree and the student's entire degree will be accepted towards the general education component and/or general elective component of National's bachelor degree program. Other general education requirements will be identified and evaluated in advance.

How many credit hours until a Bachelors Degree will be awarded?

Students are required to complete a program of study offered online that will vary, depending on the program of study and degree being sought. The total program will satisfy all requirements for the degrees at Valencia and at National University.

Are there mandatory courses needed for acceptance?

None noted

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, the following scholarships are offered; details are on page 3 of the  Agreement:

  • Promising Scholar
  • Transfer to Triumph

What date was the agreement signed?

May 2016

Is there any special information?

Valencia graduates will be given first priority for admissions to courses and programs conducted as part of the Agreement;

The $60.00 application fee is waived for all Valencia graduates

Who can be contacted for information at National University?

Jorge Salas
Supervisor of Articulation
National University - Scripps Ranch
9980 Carroll Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92131
or 1-858-642-8260


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