Field Experience Requirements

The clinical field experience provides the opportunity to integrate theoretical knowledge with classroom experience while demonstrating effective teaching practices, reflective decision-making, and competency in Florida Educator Accomplished Practices in the grade level and subject area of your Statement of Status of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Education. The 60+- hour field experience takes place in your own classroom or placement in an area public or approved private school. District partnerships include Brevard Public Schools, FLVS, Lake County Public Schools, Orange County Public Schools, Seminole County Public Schools, and the School District of Osceola County.  

Beginning in Fall 2022, EPI students who started in Fall 2021 or after have the opportunity to complete the full Florida Department of Education Reading Endorsement with the EPI program. RED 3940, Clinical Field Experience in Reading, is an optional, 2-credit field experience that can be taken with EDF 3940, Clinical Field Experience in Curriculum and Instruction. RED 3940 fulfills the 5th Reading Competency in the Reading Endorsement.

There are multiple teaching demonstrations with Valencia College faculty facilitation and, when applicable, school-based clinical educator mentors, as well as one online mini-lesson via Skype or Zoom using TeachLivE during a 16-week term.  

Students complete a series of experiences designed to give prospective and novice teachers insight on the varied backgrounds and cultures of students in public schools.  

All Field Experience paperwork and  Field Experience Intent Form must be completed and submitted as indicated below.

  • If you plan to enroll in field experience courses for the Fall semester, paperwork is due by March 1.
  • If you plan to enroll in field experience courses in the Spring semester, paperwork is due by October 1.

If you have questions regarding field experience internships, or you need to submit your Field Experience Intent Form, please contact: Ellen Costello: (407) 582-5473 or email

NOTE: All EPI students MUST complete a Field Experience Intent Form, including current teachers, before the deadline the semester BEFORE you plan to enroll in the field experience course, EDF 3940, Clinical Field Experience in Curriculum and Instruction.  

Other Placement for Field Experience

If you plan to complete a field experience in another county or private school, in addition to meeting county requirements for internship placement, (fingerprinting, background check, etc.), that county or school must adhere to Florida statute 1004.04 regarding teacher preparation. Specifically, “5(b)1. All school district personnel and instructional personnel who supervise or direct teacher preparation students during field experience courses or internships taking place in this state in which candidates demonstrate an impact on student learning growth must have evidence of “clinical educator” training, a valid professional certificate issued pursuant to s. 1012.56, and at least three years of teaching experience in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 and must have earned an effective or highly effective rating on the prior year’s performance evaluation under s. 1012.34 or be a peer evaluator under the district’s evaluation system approved under s. 1012.34.”