Teacher Re-Certification

Teachers who already hold a FL DOE Professional Certificate and need certificate renewal may complete six (6) semester hours of college credit or equivalent earned during each five-year renewal period. Many courses at Valencia College meet the requirements of teachers seeking recertification. These courses are offered in a variety of delivery modes (online, mixed-mode, etc.) on each Valencia College campus. A grade of at least “C” must be earned in each college course used for renewal. Schools/Districts may have specific expectations regarding which courses a teacher should complete, so teachers should seek the recommendations and clarification through the school or district of employment. If your Professional Certificate has expired, visit the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) website to view the steps to reinstate your certificate. All other questions regarding fulfilling the re-certification requirements should be directed to the Florida Department of Education.

Valencia College Application Directions for Recertification

Teacher Recertification applicants:*

  • Click the Apply Now button on the main Valencia College website and select the Credit Programs option. 
  • Create Login ID and PIN for the application.
  • Select Readmit Student or Not First Time in College Student admissions application type.
    • If you previously took college credit courses at Valencia College, select the Readmit Student application type. 
    • If you previously took courses at a different college/university, select the Not First Time in College application type.
  • The next landing page will prompt you to select your Admission Term and enter first and last name. Once you select the term for which you plan to apply and enter your first and last name you will see the main page of the application with a number of different checklist items.
  • When completing the Planned Course of Study Section of the application, there will be a mandatory dropdown selection box where you will scroll down to select Non-Degree Seeking: Teacher Recertification. The courses of students are in alphabetical order.
  • Complete all other sections of the application prior to submitting. 

Tuition & Fees*

In-state Tuition = $103.06 per credit hour

Out-of-State Tuition = $390.96 per credit hour

*Online courses will also be assessed an $8 per credit hour fee.


FL DOE Requirements

    • Earn six (6) semester hours of college credit which must include at least one (1) semester hour of college credit in teaching students with disabilities (SWD).
    • An educator whose certificate has a beginning validity date of July 1, 2020, or thereafter, must have earned at least two (2) college credits in evidence-based instruction and interventions grounded in the science of reading per Rule 6A-6.053, F.A.C., specifically designed for students with characteristics of dyslexia, including the use of explicit, systematic, and sequential approaches to reading instruction, developing phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding, and implementing multisensory intervention strategies if the educator is renewing any of the following coverages: Elementary Education (K-6), Prekindergarten/Primary Education (age 3 through grade 3), Elementary Education (grades 1-6), Primary Education (grades K-3), English (grades 1-6), Middle Grades English (grades 5-9), Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum (grades 5-9), English (6-12), Exceptional Student Education (grades K-12) (renewal beginning with a validity date of July 1, 2025), Reading (K-12), Reading (Endorsement), and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (grades K-12).

Valencia College 3-credit courses that fulfill recertification credits may include but are not limited to:

  • ARE 2000 – Art and Creativity 
  • EDF 2005 – Introduction to Education 
  • EDF 2051 – Teaching and Learning Theory  
  • EDF 2085 – Diversity for Education 
  • EDF 2130 – Child and Adolescent Development for Educators 
  • EDF 2720 – Children in Schools: Legal, Ethical, and Safety Concerns 
  • EDG 2413 – Student-Centered Classroom Learning Environments 
  • EEC 2732 – Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Children 
  • EEC 2001 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education 
  • EEX 2010 – Orientation to Exceptional Education* 
  • EME 2040 – Technology for Educators 
  • MUE 2211 – Early Childhood Music and Movement 
  • RED 3042 – Introduction of Reading and Content for K-12* 

*Some courses may be taken repeatedly for credit every five years, notably EEX 2010 for the SWD required credit and RED 3042 for the Reading required credit.  If you have taken any of these recertification courses at Valencia College previously, please contact the Educator Preparation office at 407-582-1273 for course overrides before registering.  

Use the Course Schedule Search feature to find available and convenient class schedules.

Transcript Requests

To order official transcripts at the end of a semester, see Valencia's webpage for transcript request information:

*Teachers completing summer class(es) in Term A only (ending before June 30) may request  documentation (Valencia College memo) for certification/recertification prior to the posting of official summer transcripts in early August from Ellen Costello at ecostello1@valenciacollege.edu and provide:

  • Name 
  • VID 
  • Florida DOE certificate number
  • Course(s) 
  • CRN(s) 
  • Course Dates 
  • # Of Credits 
  • Instructor Name(s) 
  • How memo should be addressed: To DOE (Department of Education) or the County School Office or specific school etc.  
  • How memo should be distributed (i.e., email or U.S. mail and to what address)  


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