Completion Checklist

The following  completion checklist and criteria will be used to determine successful completion of the Educator Preparation Institute. Please note that the EPI office is working remotely, so all documents should be submitted electronically via email to Ashley Dorsey or Ellen Costello

To successfully finish the EPI program, students must complete the following:

  1. A valid and current Statement of Eligibility and/or Temporary Certificate from the Florida Department of Education must be on file with the EPI office. If your Statement of Eligibility has expired, you will need to request an updated statement at Additionally, students at the end of the end of the program may apply for the Professional Certificate when they are ready.
  2. Successful completion of all EPI coursework. Passing EPI grades must be posted on college transcripts. Grades are posted at the end of each term for Fall, Spring, and Summer.
  3. All required FTCE Exams must be taken and passed, and a copy of all passing scores must be on file with the EPI office. To register for FTCE exams, please visit
  4. The  Employment Verification of EPI Completers form and the  EPI Completer Waiver must be submitted with the EPI Application for Completion (see Step 7).
  5. EPI Portfolio must be complete for EPI office review and approval for successful completion.
  6. Complete the EPI Post Evaluation Survey. Please complete the online survey and print or save the last confirmation page of the survey, “your response has been recorded” and save for electronic submission.
  7. Finalize the EPI Application for Completion found in Atlas, on the Student page, under Student Forms & Applications.
  8. After the checklist is complete, the EPI manager will review your portfolio, sign the CT-133, and send the paperwork to the state. The EPI program will send a password protected copy of the CT-133 and confirmation of successful EPI completion via email to students' Atlas email accounts.