Letter from the Dean

School of Allied Health Purpose

Innovation in the delivery of excellence in Healthcare Education.

As the School of Allied Health at Valencia College continues our evolution from a group of exceptional health career training programs into an integrated school. You should be both proud, and challenged, by your admission into your career pathway. Our faculty team is exceptionally talented in preparing graduates to meet the health care industry demands for technically skilled providers, but more importantly for helping you to become resilient, caring, and confident professionals serving an ever widening and diverse community. You are not here by accident, but through dedication and commitment.

There are several key actions that will help you to navigate this academic year successfully. First, remain curious. This fuels your passion for discovery and learning. Second, remain humble. This will help you to embrace your strengths, admit your weakness, and accept support from those who are cheering your success. Finally, remain present. This will help you to always be the author of your own learning.

There are also six 'Big Ideas' that help us to focus on providing authentic innovation at Valencia College and support your success. One that we are bringing to life this year in the School of Allied Health is Big Idea 4: The College Is How the Students Experience Us. To that end, we want to hear about your experiences. Never hesitate to let any of us know when we get it right. We love to share kudos. Also, let us know when we can continue to grow. Your feedback in formal surveys is critical, but we also welcome your feedback in person. Our faculty are always excited to have you stop by our offices and labs during our Student Engagement Hours. The dean suite is also open all business hours – and we usually have chocolate to share.

Ultimately, we seek to touch your lives and impact your futures as deeply as you do each of us daily. I hope you have an exciting and meaningful academic year.

Marie Vasquez-Brooks
Dean, School of Allied Health
Valencia College

"Become aware that there are no accidents in our intelligent universe. Realize that everything that shows up in your life has something to teach you. Appreciate everyone and everything in your life." ~Wayne Dyer