Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Honors options available to me?
Students who take classes that have a curricular focus also have co-curricular requirements. Students on curricular tracks can graduate as "honors scholars." There are 3 curricular tracks: Global Studies, Leadership and Undergraduate Research.

How do I apply for Honors?
The application for theSeneff Honors College and the application to take honors classes can be found in Atlas on the Students tab under "Applications."

How long will it take for my Honors application to be processed?
Decisions for students applying to the Seneff Honors College are sent in two to three weeks. Students who apply to take an honors class should hear within two business days

Will I automatically get a scholarship if I am in Honors?
The Seneff Honors College awards a limited number of full tuition, non-transferable scholarships to admission candidates who demonstrate academic promise and who commit to one of the four available curriculum tracks: Interdisciplinary Studies track, Leadership track, Undergraduate Research track, or the Global Studies track. All students who apply for a track in the Seneff Honors College will be automatically considered for scholarship awards.

If I’m in Honors, do I have to register for all honors classes?
No, most students take approximately one-quarter to one-half of their classes as honors.

Do Honors classes cost more?
No, tuition is the same for honors classes.

What is an Honors Resource Center?
Students in the Seneff Honors College have access to the Honors Resource Centers on East, Osceola, and West campuses. The Honors Resource Center provides a place for honors students to study, access computers, and meet with fellow honors students.

What is different about honors classes?
Honors classes at Valencia emphasize the program outcomes and help students to recognize and weigh different perspectives in primary and secondary sources, to produce original work and scholarly research, and to connect learning across academic disciplines. Also, honors classes are smaller than non-honors classes, with enrollment capped at 20 students per class.

Are honors classes harder?
Many students mistakenly believe that honors classes will be harder than regular classes. Honors courses provide students and faculty the opportunity to develop ideas and engage in work that would be more difficult in a typical, lecture-style class. Most students find they actually do better in honors classes because of the close interaction between professors and students and the sense of community that develops.

Are honors course grades weighted?
No. Unlike high school, college honors courses are not weighted.

Can dual-enrolled students take honors classes?
Yes, dual-enrolled students who meet the program eligibility are encouraged to apply.

Is there an application fee to apply for the Seneff Honors College?
No, there is no application fee for honors.

Is Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) part of the Honors Program?
Although there is a close working relationship between the Valencia Honors Program and Phi Theta Kappa, PTK operates independently with chapters on the East, West, and Osceola campuses. For more information, visit the Student Development page or drop by the Student Development office on your campus.

Where is the Honors office located?
The Honors office is located at the District Office (1768 Park Center Drive, Orlando, Florida 32835). Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 4:30pm.