Seneff Faculty

The Seneff Honors College is a community of students and faculty with a shared commitment to academic excellence. To this end, the Seneff Honors College works with the Office of Faculty Development to provide professional development courses and opportunities for faculty to become part of that community. In addition, Seneff faculty participate fully in co-curricular activities with students such as movie nights, pizza lunches, and leadership events.

Seneff Faculty Development Program

This series of professional development courses is designed to culminate in the designation of the faculty as a member of the Seneff Faculty Community. The program is open to all Valencia faculty members and indicates an individual commitment to the development of the honors community at the college.

To successfully complete the program, the faculty member must complete a minimum of 8 hours in two foundation courses, 6 hours in honors pedagogy courses, and 6 hours in optional learning opportunities that can include additional courses or, with dean approval, other professional activities.

Seneff Faculty Community

For more information, visit the Faculty Development page.

Honors Advisory Board

The Honors Advisory Board is composed of Valencia faculty, staff members, and representatives from the Honors Student Advisory Committee. The board meets at least once each semester to make policy decisions and recommendations concerning the program.

2018 - 19 Membership

Member Title
Isabel Silva Honors Student Advisory Committee President
Dr. Robyn Brighton  Director, Strategic Learning Initiatives
B. Clyburn Honors Program Assistant
Kera Coyer Honors Program Advisor
Dr. Susan Dunn Manager, Credit Programs, Winter Park and Global Studies Track Coordinator
Michelle Foster Dean of Academic Affairs, East Campus
Dr. Shara Lee Campus Director, Faculty and Instructional Development
Jane Maguire Professor, Education, East Campus and Undergraduate Research Track Coordinator
Dr. Molly McIntire  Dean of Academic Affairs, West Campus
Gwendolyn Noel Academic Advisor, Lake Nona Campus and Leadership Track Advisor
Dr. Cheryl Robinson Director, Honors
Dr. Marcia Roman Counselor, Winter Park Campus and Global Studies Track Advisor
Nichole Segarra  Dean of Mathematics and Science, Osceola Campus and Leadership Track Coordinator
Alina Siddiqui Counselor, Osceola Campus and Leadership Track Advisor
Dr. Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students, Osceola Campus
Jennifer Washick Academic Advisor, East Campus and Undergraduate Research Track Advisor