Engagement Opportunities

Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Service Learning allows students and faculty to blend educational goals with their passions.

Service Learning Courses at Valencia

  • SLS2940H - Students receive 1 credit hour for every 20 service hours they complete. Students are expected to meet with their faculty mentor periodically throughout the semester and complete extensive research and reflection on their service experience. Students interested in enrolling in SLS2940H should submit their application to the Office of Strategic Learning Initiatives.
  • Integrated Classes - Faculty choose to integrate a service project into a traditional course. Students work with their peers to complete a direct, indirect, or advocacy project with a community partner. Students gain service hours on their transcripts without additional college credits. For a list of available courses, please visit the Credit Class Schedule Search and check the box for Service Learning.

Online Resources - Please visit the Service Learning webpage to learn more about Service Learning opportunities. You can also find a  listing of community partners on the website.

Study Abroad

International education is a comprehensive approach to the students’ academic plan that intentionally prepares them to be active and engaged participants in a multicultural, interconnected world through internationalization of the campus and curriculum.

  • Short-term Study Abroad Programs - Are led by Valencia faculty and staff members & are one to two weeks long. They are held during spring or summer semesters. Each year the college offers one Honors-specific short-term program. Please visit the SAGE website below to learn more about short-term study abroad programs available this year.
  • Semester Study Abroad Programs - You can earn college credit at an institution in another country for a semester. Since Valencia does not offer semester programs in other countries, you would need to enroll in a program offered by another university/college or organization and get transfer credit. You must be a full-time Valencia student and have completed a semester of coursework at Valencia in order to participate.

Online Resources - Please visit the Study Abroad webpage to learn more information.

Undergraduate Research

In its most simple description, undergraduate research is undergraduate students learning by doing - the pinnacle of active learning. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students expand their knowledge through active inquiry in scholarly and discipline research processes. Valencia offers a variety of ways for students to engage in undergraduate research, including:

  • Integrated Classes - Faculty choose to integrate an undergraduate research project into a traditional course. Students gain UR recognition on their transcripts without additional college credits.
  • IDH2911 - This honors course will introduce students to the process of research, tools, concepts, and resources necessary to search, evaluate, and use information in a variety of formats and subject disciplines. The focus will be to analyze and utilize information critically using a broad range of materials and interdisciplinary concepts needed for honors research and academic/professional success.
  • IDH2912 - This course provides the framework through which students in the Undergraduate Research Track of the Seneff Honors College, under the guidance of an Honors Research mentor, will produce and present a capstone research project.

Paid summer undergraduate research opportunities (outside of Valencia) include:

Online Resources - Please visit the Undergraduate Research webpage to learn more information.

Valencia Global Distinction (VGD)

A global citizen is curious and eager to learn about the dynamics of a growing world community. The goal of Valencia's Global Distinction (VGD) is to prepare students to live and work in an interdependent and multicultural world, while having the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a competent global citizen.

In order to successfully earn the Valencia Global Distinction, students must work with a mentor to complete the following:

  • Valencia's Global Distinction orientation module.
  • 15 credit hours from any of the courses on the approved VGD course list.
  • 15 co-curricular hours with a global/intercultural theme OR participate in a study abroad, international internship, or international service learning program.
  • Capstone project showcasing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a global citizen.

All students will receive a medallion and a Global Distinction notation on their official transcript.

Online Resources - Please visit the Valencia Global Distinction webpage to learn more information.

Partners in the Parks

Partners in the Parks is a partnership between the National Collegiate Honors Council and the U.S. National Park Service to provide honors students from across the country with the opportunity to experience interdisciplinary fieldwork in some of our most iconic National Parks. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, it is open to all majors.

This opportunity has a program fee (like study abroad). However, you will receive a 50% discount on registration pricing because the Seneff Honors College is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

In addition, there are scholarships available for Partners in the Parks participants through both the state and regional honors councils that we can help you apply for to reimburse your trip costs. Honors students at both the annual and regional honors conferences continue to say participation in Partners in the Parks is one of the highlights of their honors experience and well worth it if you’re able to attend!

You can learn more about Partners in the Parks here.