A.S. Criminal Justice Experiential Learning Program

Program Description (Limited Access)

The A.S. Criminal Justice Experiential Learning program provides a pathway for active duty law enforcement and correctional officers in Florida to earn an accelerated associate in science degree through the award of articulated credits for work-based learning and industry certifications. It provides a broad background in the history, philosophy, organization, management and operation of the criminal justice system. It is designed for students currently working in corrections or law enforcement who seek professional growth and/or advancement within their organizations, or employment in another field of criminal justice. Graduates of this program may also transfer credits into the Bachelor of Applied Science in Business and Organizational Leadership (BASBOL) program. Get credits for on-the-job work and completion of the state law enforcement academy for up to 33 credit hours. 

How You Earn Credit

Through Your Experience

Field Experience Courses - 18
Academy Credits - 6-15

Through Valencia College

Criminal Justice Courses - 24-33
Total Credit Hours - 60

Earn credit hours for work-based learning

Successful completion of three 6-credit hour field experience courses give you an opportunity to earn 18 credit hours for work-based learning. In addition, students on the Corrections Track may be awarded 6-12 credit hours through the state law enforcement academy and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) licensing exam. For those on the Law Enforcement Track, 15 credit hours will be awarded for state law enforcement academy work and the FDLE licensing exam. The remaining 24-33 credits will be earned through criminal justice courses offered at the college.

At the end of the program, you’ll receive:
A.S. degree in Criminal Justice

Admission Requirements

While the A.S. in Criminal Justice degree program is not limited access, the three 6-credit hour field experience courses—as part of the Criminal Justice Experiential Learning Program—have a limited-access component. These courses require you to possess a valid and current state of Florida certification in corrections or law enforcement, and be currently employed full time with a local or state law enforcement or correctional agency.