Criminal Justice Equivalency of Training Program

Program Description

The Criminal Justice Institute at Valencia College is proud to offer Equivalency of Training (EOT) for out of state officers, former or current seeking Florida Law Enforcement Certification. In order to apply, you must submit a completed FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) Form CJSTC-76, which will include your law enforcement employment and training history and other important information.  In addition, EOT applicants must have a minimum of one year, full time law enforcement experience in order to qualify.



Rob Pigman, Director
(407) 582-8212

Maria Castro, Program Support Specialist 
(407) 582-8216

Seek employment with any Law Enforcement Agency within the State of Florida

Earning an EOT Certificate enables one to seek employment with any Law Enforcement Agency within the State of Florida.  It is also important to note that the Valencia College Criminal Justice Institute directly services the following law enforcement agencies within our service district of Orange and Osceola Counties, Florida:

Orange Osceola
  • Apopka Police Department 
  • Belle Isle Police Department
  • Eatonville Police Department
  • Edgewood Police Department
  • Maitland Police Department
  • Oakland Police Department
  • Ocoee Police Department
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Office
  • Orange County Public Schools Police Department
  • Orlando Police Department
  • University of Central Florida Police Department
  • Windermere Police Department
  • Winter Garden Police Department
  • Winter Park Police Department
  • Kissimmee Police Department
  • Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
  • St. Cloud Police Department


House Bill 3 offers a reimbursement program through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity which will pay for up to $1,000 of equivalency training costs for certified law enforcement officers who relocate to Florida or members of the special operations forces who become full-time law enforcement officers in Florida.

For more information on pursuing a State of Florida Equivalency of Training Certification, please contact Maria Castro: or by telephone: 407-582-8216


Valencia’s Equivalency of Training Academy (EOT) is for out-of-state officers, federal officers, special operations forces, and previously certified Florida officers with a four year or more break-in-service pursuant to section 943.131(2a), Florida Statutes and Rule 11B-35.009(3) or (4), Florida Administrative Code. The EOT Academy allows a former officer to be exempt from having to complete the full basic recruit academy and qualifies the officer to sit for the Florida State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE).

You may be eligible for an exemption from the full basic training requirements if you were an officer in another state or with the federal government and meet the following requirements:

  • You worked at least one year, full-time as a sworn officer (not to include time spent within the basic recruit academy) in the discipline you are seeking exemption [CJSTC Rule 11B-35.009(1)(g)];
  • You received training in that discipline which is comparable to Florida’s full basic recruit curriculum and/or;
  • You were previously certified in Florida.
  • You were a previously sworn Florida officer and meet the following requirements:
    • You were fully certified as an officer in Florida
    • You have at least a four-year break-in-service, but no more than an eight year break-in-service since your most recent separation from a sworn position in Florida
  • You were a member of the special operations forces and meet the following requirements:
    • You worked at least five years as a member of the special operations forces and;
    • You have no more than a four-year break-in-service since your separation from the special operations forces.

There can be no more than an 8-year break in employment as an officer. The break in employment is measured from the separation date of the most recent qualifying employment to the time a complete application requesting an exemption from training is submitted to a Criminal Justice Selection Center, such as a commission-certified training school, or criminal justice employing agency.

Once you are approved for an exemption from training, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in the high liability areas and pass the state certification exam in the same discipline within 1 year of receipt of the approved Exemption from Training CJSTC Form 76.

If you do not complete the training and pass the State Officer Certification Examination within the 1-year time limit, you may apply for another exemption from training, but you must be eligible pursuant to Chapter 943.131(2), F.S. at the time of application.

Complete academy application linked above.


The 2-week Equivalency of Training Academy consists of 80 hours of law enforcement training. The academy is not intended for basic instruction. The academy is for experienced criminal justice professionals to demonstrate proficiency in all FDLE mandated topics and the following high liability skills:

  • First Aid
  • Firearms
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations

Total hours of instruction can vary and must pass the Florida State Officer Exam to be certified.


EOT 23-01 
March 29 – April 7, 2023 
(No Longer Accepting Applications)

EOT 23-02
July 5 - July 14, 2023
(Accepting Applications) 

EOT 23-03
Oct 4 – Oct 13, 2023
(Accepting Applications)