Safety and Security

Valencia College School of Public Safety will build upon programming already being offered by Valencia College to provide professional and leadership training for private security officers and managers, as well as homeland security specialists. The School of Public Safety provides standardized training and certifications to the security professionals working within Central Florida's many airports, hotels, theme parks and attractions.

Valencia College School of Public Safety currently offers the following programs, which may be beneficial to students interested in entering or advancing within the fields of safety and security.

Continuing Education

Courses and Training

Valencia's Continuing Education division and the School of Public Safety have partnered to bring professional training, seminars and workshops to the public safety community. We provide opportunities for security officers, animal control officers and others working in the fields of safety and security.

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Public Safety Leadership Development Certification Program

This four-week program focuses on developing public safety professionals into innovative leaders. It is offered in partnership between Valencia College Continuing Education, Valencia's Criminal Justice Institute and Fire Rescue Institute, and the University of Central Florida's Criminal Justice Program.

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Internal Training for Valencia College Security Officers

Valencia's Criminal Justice Institute and Valencia's Safety & Security Office have established a collaborative training allowing security officers to attend specified blocks of regularly occuring institute training. This training is currently only open to Valencia security officers and is scheduled by the campus security supervisors at a rate of no more than 2 officers per campus, under normal circumstances. This training is repeated every 2-3 months.

Interactions in a Diverse Community & Interviewing and Report Writing

Future Opportunities

Programs for future development may include:

  • Bachelor's degree in Homeland Security Public Safety
  • Theme Park and Hotel Security Officer Professional Development
  • ASIS Certified Protection Professional (through Security Management Certificate)


Associate in Science Degree

The two-year Criminal Justice A.S. degree program offers a broad background in the history, philosophy, organization, management and operation of the criminal justice system.