Law Enforcement Academy Track

The Law Enforcement Academy Track is an A.S. Degree program that is designed to provide students with the education, training, skills and abilities for a successful law enforcement career. The program will introduce students to a wide range of topics, including criminal justice, legal knowledge, defensive tactics, investigations and the court system, among others. Students can complete four semesters of intensive coursework over a two-year timeframe.

Upon completion of the requisite courses and successfully passing the State of Florida Law Enforcement certification examination, students will receive:

Admission Requirements

The Law Enforcement Academy Track is a limited-access program. To be accepted into the program, students must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Must be at least 19 years of age
  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED diploma and official transcript
  • Must pass the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CBJAT)
  • Have a satisfactory driving record
  • Cannot have been convicted of any felony, or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement
  • Have no dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States

Requirements for State Certification

Successfully complete the Law Enforcement Academy and pass the State of Florida Law Enforcement Certification Examination.


Suggested Course Schedule

Total Credit Hours: 60 Hours
Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Academy: 770 Hours

Semester 1
Course Title Credits
ENC 1101 Freshman Composition I 3
  Mathematics (MGF 1106) or Science 3
SLS 1122 New Student Experience 3
CCJ 1010 Criminology 3
CCJ 1020 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
  Credit Hours 15
Semester 2
Course Title Credits
PSY 2012 or
SYG 2000
General Psychology or
Introductory Sociology
SPC 1608 Fundamentals of Speech 3
CCJ 2053 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3
CJC 2000 Introduction to Corrections 3
CJL 2100 Criminal Law 3
  Credit Hours 15
Semester 3
Course Title Credits
  Humanities (core requirement) 3
  General Education Elective (Gordon Rule) 3
CCJ 2358 Criminal Justice Report Writing: Capstone 3
CJE 2000 Policing Systems and Procedures 3
CJJ 2001 Juvenile Justice Systems 3
  Credit Hours 15
Semester 4

The following courses will be satisfied after completing the 770 hours Law Enforcement Basic Recruit Academy and successfully passing the Florida Law Enforcement certification exam.

Course Title Credits
CJE 2600 Criminal Investigations 3
CJL 2102 Criminal Evidence and Procedures 3
CCJ 2930 Special Topics in Criminal Justice 3
CCJ 2022 Contemporary Issues 3
HSC 1400 First Aid/CPR 3
  Credit Hours 15
Total Credit Hours: 60