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Textbook Affordability

The Valencia College Bookstore is committed to developing and implementing strategies to comply with textbook affordability procedures set forth in Florida Statute 1004.085. Our main objective is to minimize the cost of textbooks to students.

The below textbook lists are posted in compliance with Rule 6A-14.092, Textbook Affordability

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Academic Year 2023-2024
 Fall 2023/Spring 2024/Summer 2024

Academic Year 2022-2023
 Fall 2022/Spring 2023/Summer 2023

Academic Year 2021-2022
 Fall 2021/Spring 2022/Summer 2022

Academic Year 2020-2021
 Fall 2020/Spring 2021/Summer 2021

Academic Year 2019-2020
 Fall 2019/Spring 2020/Summer 2020

Academic Year 2018-2019
 Fall 2018/Spring 2019/Summer 2019

Academic Year 2017-2018
 Fall 2017/Spring 2018/Summer 2018