Develop a Plan for Action

Based on your assessments and new knowledge of career options, you can begin to develop a career plan. Understanding your decision-making process will assist you. You can then select an area of study that will lead to your initial career decision.

Researching your major includes:

  • Understanding career options related to your major: What Can I Do With This Major?
  • Identifying colleges that offer your major and the courses required for transfer into that major
  • Talking with faculty with experience in your career or major
  • Conducting a career interview with people who are working in your career field. Find out their career preparation and path
  • Exploring options for Internships, part-time or volunteer work to gain experience in your career and major. Valencia's Internships
  • Learning about professional associations that can enhance your career preparation.
  • Develop an educational plan using "My Lifemap" on Atlas, which is available online or in the Atlas Access Labs