LawLaw, Public Safety & Security Career Pathways

Program of Study (Pathway) and Articulation

Career and Technical Education Programs in High School Articulations to Valencia
Criminal Justice Operations  Orange County Articulation Agreement for Award of Credit
Alternative Award of Credit Agreements*

 Correctional and Law Enforcement Officer

 Public Safety Leadership Development

 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator - PST

 EMT - (Local)

 Fire Fighter - Minimum Standards - (Local)

 Fire and Lifesafety Educator - (Local)

 Fire Officer I and  Fire Officer II - (Local)

 Firesafety Inspector I and  Firesafety Inspector II - (Local)

 Fire Investigator 1 - (Local)

 Fire Instructor I and  Fire Instructor II - (Local)

 Paramedic - (Local)

*Credits awarded for these Industry Certifications are NOT articulated through the Office of Career Pathways.

For instructions on how to receive college credits for statewide articulations, go to the Credit Earned for Approved Industry Certifications page.