About Title V

College to Careers

Simply put, the College to Careers program means better access to higher education. The College to Careers program, created under the Title V Osceola Grant, allows Valencia College to make specific infrastructure and program changes that will provide members of this historically underserved community increased access to, and opportunities for, Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and certifications which lead directly to jobs.


Title V is a provision of the federal Higher Education Act that offers specific protection for, and advancement of, the educational opportunities of Hispanic students around the country. With this grant, Valencia College can leverage the latest teaching technology and industry trends in our region to ensure that graduates of our certificate and A.S. degree programs have the skills to embark on a career and are prepared to contribute in a positive way to the community we all share.

Mission Statement

The Valencia College Osceola campus Title V Grant College to Careers program will be strategically involved in the economic development and economic growth of Central Florida through the design and implementation of programs that create a skilled and educated workforce for our region. The program will also create new and improved pathways for underserved students to gain access to training and education.