Technology is a significant part of how the Title V Osceola Grant will better enable Valencia College's Osceola campus to serve Hispanic students. Through the College to Careers technology upgrades, students will be offered an improved academic experience even before they walk through Valencia's doors as well as once they are here.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system
Valencia students already become quite familiar with Atlas, our student communication portal, as their source of information about registration, plans of study, and other aspects of college life. An addition to that program will allow prospective students to become part of the college community even faster. The new Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system will allow the college to better track prospective students and to guide them through our admissions and advising processes. Once they become Valencia students the CRM and Atlas will help them stay on track toward graduation.
Online collaborative learning solution
Imagine being able to interact with students on other campuses in a class that's happening in real-time in both locations.

New Synchronized Learning Classrooms will allow the Osceola campus to expand its course offerings by making it possible to share instructors across campuses in real-time, interactive, learning environments. The addition of new equipment to connect classrooms, made possible through the Title V Osceola Grant, will mean fewer class cancellations at the Osceola campus due to low enrollment. It will mean less travel and a greater chance of completion for Osceola campus students who might have previously been able to start a career and technical program at that campus but couldn't finish it there because of a lack of course offerings.

Ad Astra - Scheduling software system
Creating a more efficient campus is the goal of the final piece of technology made possible by the College to Careers projects. Through Title V Osceola Grant funding, the Osceola campus will be implementing use of the Ad Astra scheduling software system. The software will allow campus staff to keep better track of technology and seating capacity of rooms. This information will allow us to make better decisions related to class scheduling and meeting space availability, ultimately enhancing the student experience by allowing us to offer more classes at convenient times for students.