About Us - By the Numbers

Graph of Percent of Population

Valencia College

With a total college enrollment of 68,351, Valencia College is fortunate to draw students from a variety of backgrounds. That said, almost 33% of the total college enrollment is Latino. At the Osceola Campus approximately 50% of the 19,595 students are Latino, earning the Osceola Campus a U.S. Department of Education designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

Osceola County

Osceola County is in a unique position in Central Florida because of the size of our Latino population. In fact, almost 50% of Osceola County is Latino. That's compared to just 23% in the state of Florida and 16% nationwide. Those numbers, alone, prove why specific information geared toward these residents is necessary in Osceola County.

Graph of Holders of Bachelor's Degrees

Improving the lives of people living in Osceola County is a major goal of the Title V grant at the Valencia College Osceola Campus. We plan to help make these improvements happen by offering affordable education in career-driven fields. The numbers speak for themselves. When you consider that just 13% of Osceola residents over the age of 25 hold Bachelor's Degrees, compared to 17% in Florida and 18% nationwide, the need to create new opportunities for Osceola County residents becomes real. By providing cost-effective ways for people in Osceola County to complete the first two years of college, we create an opportunity for them to pursue the last two years of a Bachelor's Degree without breaking the bank.