Partnering with the Community

Valencia College has a rich tradition of working with and serving the community, so much so that partnering with the community is among the college's strategic goals. Through our College to Careers program, we will partner with local employers and business leaders to:

  • develop courses and programs that are truly relevant to today's workforce.
  • customize courses to meet employers' specific jobsite needs, when possible.
  • leverage our partners' expertise in adjunct faculty roles.
  • participate in job fairs and internship/apprentice programs that will help place graduates in jobs.

The college also benefits from partners' generosity in funding scholarships and donating equipment and technologies.

Partnership in Action

The Central Florida community is already getting involved in Valencia College's College to Careers grant-funded efforts. On June 1, community leaders from Orange and Osceola Counties gathered at Valencia College's Collaborative Design Center to work with Title V Osceola grant leadership to narrow the focus of their career and technical programming efforts. The day started with a review of local labor market data as well as a discussion of data collected from a survey of local business leaders regarding their needs and thoughts on employment trends throughout our region. During this meeting, community leaders worked with Valencia leaders and the Title V Osceola Grant leadership to identify of the four industry areas that will be explored for further program development under the College to Careers initiative. Focus groups will follow to allow business leaders in those program areas to share their thoughts on how Valencia should move forward with program development.

Serving the Whole Central Florida Community

From Spanish language marketing materials to improved application and enrollment processes, College to Careers is in place to increase opportunities for all Osceola County residents.