Changes to Supervision A.S. Degree Will Help Students


Valencia College is making it easier for students to transfer credits from certificate programs into our Supervision for Management and Industry A.S. Degree program. In the past, students transferring credit through articulation from TECO would only be awarded a lump-sum of credits that did not equate to actual classes in the program. Now, those credits apply to actual program coursework.

In the process of making the change, we also updated the name of the degree, which used to be called Industrial Management Supervision. The new name reflects the more broad scope of the degree. We also added the required New Student Experience class to the A.S. Degree to help students get better acclimated to college. The change impacts TECO students in the Industrial-related programs, such as Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Heating, Automotive Service Technology, Cosmetology, Pharmacy Technician, and Electricity. They can earn 24-27 credit hours for earning any of those certificates from TECO and then coming to Valencia College.

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