Student Dispute Information

Purpose of the Ombudsman

An Ombudsman provides a safe and comfortable environment for students to discuss complaints, concerns or problems privately. Please visit the Ombudsman page for more information.

Non Final Grade and Other Academic Disputes

Valencia College offers students the opportunity to express concerns privately with an Ombudsman.

The Valencia College Ombudsman does not replace or substitute formal grievance, investigative, or appeal processes made available by the college. For details regarding the policy and procedures, please refer to the college catalog or the general counsel website.

State Authorization and Complaint Resolution

Students located in a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) state with a complaint about an institution operating under SARA, including Valencia, must first go through the College's procedure for resolution of student grievances. Allegations of criminal offenses or alleged violations of Florida’s general purpose laws may be made directly to the relevant State agencies.
Accordingly, if a student located in a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) state bringing a complaint about Valencia is not satisfied with the outcome of the College’s process for handling complaints, excluding complaints regarding student grades or student conduct violations - which are governed entirely by Valencia’s policies and procedures and the laws of Florida - the complaint (except for complaints about grades or student conduct violations) may be appealed, within two years of the incident about which the complaint is made, to the Florida Postsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating Council.

Student Administrative Complaint Resolution

Valencia front line learning leaders are a resource for students seeking assistance in resolving issues with non-academic matters. The chart below lists the appropriate staff leaders who can assist with designated issues. Students may follow the progression of staff assistance in an administrative area, starting with the first response level, to bring resolution to the issue.

The College will make every effort to resolve conflicts by informal means. Students should expect to be treated with respect and dignity, receive a timely response, and have the issues handled in a private as possible manner. The College expects the student to bring up any problems early, give clear and detailed information, follow applicable procedures and be respectful of the people who are involved. Formal procedures for appealing administrative and academic decisions can be found in the College Catalog (available online). An individual who believes he or she has been discriminated against should refer to  College Policy [6+Hx28:2-03], Investigating and Resolving Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment Complaints.

Administrative Complaint Procedure

The checklist was developed as a tool to aid students in the completion of the Administrative Complaint Resolution process. Before you file an administrative complaint, please make sure that you complete the following steps:

  • Submit an Administrative Complaint form within 60 days of administrative complaint.
  • Attach additional documentation as needed to the Administrative Complain form.
  • State the resolution you are looking for, be very specific.
  • Make a copy of your Administrative Complaint form for your records.

Student Dispute Contacts College Wide

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Issues East Lake Nona Osceola Poinciana West Winter Park Downtown
Advising/ Counseling Evelyn Lora-Santos Mindy Mozena John Britt Mary McGowan Ed Holmes Julie Corderman Edna Jones Miller
Application Nick Estee
Bookstore Lisa Elvers BN College
*Discrimination* Chanda Postell Melanie Rodriguez Melanie Rodriguez Melanie Rodriguez Rose Quiles Chanda Postell Rose Quiles
PERT Erica Reese
Faculty Concerns Michelle Foster Mike Bosley Melissa Pedone Jennifer Robertson Molly McIntire Terri Daniels Charlenne Valere
Financial Aid Tamika Martin
Florida Residency Nick Estee
Graduation Felicia Hardeman
*Harassment* Chanda Postell Melanie Rodriguez Melanie Rodriguez Melanie Rodriguez Rose Quiles Chanda Postell Rose Quiles
Library Leonard Bass Mike Bosley Landon Shephard Jennifer Robertson Karen Reilly Terri Daniels Charlenne Valere
New Student Orientation Evelyn Lora-Santos Mindy Mozena John Britt Mary McGowan Ed Holmes Julie Corderman Edna Jones Miller
Parking Ken Olsen Misty Ellis- Peaslee Misty Ellis- Peaslee Misty Ellis- Peaslee Art King Ken Olsen
Refund Requests Nick Estee
Registration Nick Estee
Security Ken Olsen Misty Ellis- Peaslee Misty Ellis- Peaslee Misty Ellis- Peaslee Art King Ken Olsen Art King
Student Accounts Natasha Bonds Mireya Willems Mireya Willems Mary McGowan Julie Knapp Natasha Bonds Charlenne Valere
Food Jeff Filko *n/a
Honors Robyn Brighton
SAGE Marieta Chemishanova

*Food service is not a Valencia or UCF entity.

Civil Rights Discrimination

Valencia is committed to ensuring equal access and equal opportunity for students and staff. The Office of the Vice President for Organizational Development and Human Resources operates to assist Valencia in fulfilling its commitment to provide equal educational opportunities to its diverse student population. The Organizational Development and Human Resources Staff provides comprehensive and inclusive programs and services to benefit Valencia’s student body and the entire community and develops training and support programs to enhance staff and faculty recruitment, growth and advancement. This office also investigates and seeks solutions to concerns regarding harassment and discrimination within the college. Finally, the Office of Organizational Development and Human Resources works with the college staff and various community partners to achieve diversity within the institution’s workforce.

Valencia College is an equal opportunity institution. We provide equal opportunity for employment and educational services to all individuals as it relates to admission to the College or to programs, any aid, benefit, or service to students or wages and other terms, conditions or privileges of employment, without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, disability, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, genetic information and any other factor prohibited under applicable federal, state, and local civil rights laws, rules and regulations.

Student Conduct

Valencia College is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and learning and to the development of responsible personal and social conduct. The primary purpose for the maintenance of discipline in the College setting is to support a civil environment conducive to learning and inquiry.

Campus Civility

Civility is being polite, courteous, and considerate towards others. More likely than not, you will encounter individuals that have differing perceptions. A civil person should recognize differences and welcome the chance to learn instead of being judgmental and attacking individuals based on their differences. Remember, maintaining civility on campus is an individual effort that benefits the whole community.

Reporting an Incident

Have you witnessed or been affected by a violation of the Student Code of Conduct? To file a complaint, you may go to the Security Services Office or file a report online through this link:

Report an Incident

The Student Conduct Review Process

Once a complaint is filed, the Dean of Students or designee will review the complaint and consult with relevant parties regarding the incident. The Dean of Students or designee will then follow-up with the Student Conduct Review Process as outlined in the  Student Code of Conduct.

If the Dean of Students or designee determines that a student is in violation of the Student Code, a formal charge will be sent to the student's Atlas e-mail. Included in the charge will be a request to meet in a preliminary meeting to discuss the incident and determine responsibility. Based on the severity of the alleged violation and the information gathered in the preliminary meeting, the Dean of Students or designee may resolve the matter immediately or forward the case to mediation or a disciplinary conference.

Student and Victim Protections

In order to ensure fairness during the Student Conduct Review Process, Valencia College provides certain protections/rights to charged students and victims. For a complete list of these protections, please refer to the  Student Code of Conduct.

 Student Conduct Hearing Checklist  Policy: Student Code of Conduct

Staff & Faculty Resources

Student Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

I just received an e-mail from Valencia College regarding student conduct. What is it? What should I do?

If you have received an e-mail from the Dean of Students or Coordinator of Student Conduct, this means that you we have received a report and you have been charged with violating the  Student Code of Conduct. Follow-up by responding to the e-mail or by calling the sender to schedule an appointment. See procedures section of the Student Code of Conduct to see the overall process.

What happens if I do not make an appointment or skip my appointment?

The Dean of Students or designee will place a hold on your record upon receiving an incident report. The hold will remain on your record and will prevent you from registering for future semesters. Skipping a disciplinary conference means that you will not be able to tell your side of the story. It is in your best interest to attend all meetings that have been scheduled.

What will happen at the preliminary meeting?

The preliminary meeting is usually a conversation meant to get your side of the story, learn about your goals and aspirations, and to educate you on the student conduct review process.

What if I disagree with the decision?

If you disagree with the committee's decision, you have the chance to appeal with the Vice President of Student Affairs. See the Appeals section in the  Student Code of Conduct. Note: Appeals are only for sanctions of Suspension and Expulsion/Dismissal.

What happens after a preliminary meeting?

If the Dean of Students or designee determines that a student is not in violation, then he or she will dismiss the case or recommend mediation. If the Dean of Students or designee determines that a student is in violation of the  Student Code of Conduct , a formal charge will be sent to the student's Atlas e-mail. Included in the charge will be a request to meet in a disciplinary conference to discuss the incident and determine responsibility.

For students accepting responsibility, it is possible to forgo the disciplinary conference. You may ask the Dean of Students or designee about waiving your right to a disciplinary conference.

What if I am found in violation for violating the rules?

If you are found to be in violation of the  Student Code of Conduct, you will receive a sanction that is appropriate to the offense. Our personal philosophy is to educate rather than to punish the student. You can expect to have a disciplinary sanction and an educational sanction. Disciplinary sanctions include warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion. Educational sanctions can include community service, writing reflection papers, or attending workshops.

What happens if I get caught for an act of academic misconduct?

Any student determined by the professor to have been responsible for engaging in an act of academic dishonesty shall be subject to a range of academic penalties (apart from any sanctions that may be imposed pursuant to the Code) as determined by the professor which may include, but not be limited to, one or more of the following: loss of credit for an assignment, examination, or project; a reduction in the course grade; or a grade of "F" in the course. Students may be subject to both the Student Conduct Code and academic sanctions.

Purpose of the Student Final Grade Dispute Process

The Student Final Grade Resolution Committee shall act only upon a complaint that a final course grade was assigned in an arbitrary or capricious manner, in violation of college policy, in substantial and material noncompliance with the course syllabus or other formal course related materials, or was not calculated in accordance with the grading system as defined by the faculty member.

Role of the Student Final Grade Dispute Process

The request for review shall be presented to the Student Final Grade Resolution Committee by the student through the submission of the completed forms to the Campus President's office. These forms must be submitted electronically to the appropriate Campus President within sixty (60) days after the final course grades are distributed to students from the Office of Admissions and Records via Atlas. Upon receipt of the electronic petition form, the Campus President will notify the committee chair, who shall send copies of the form to the faculty member and the academic dean or other immediate supervisor of the faculty member.

Sexual Harassment / Sexual Assault (Title IX)

Valencia College, in accordance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, is committed to ensuring that current and future students, faculty, and staff are not discriminated against and ensures a learning environment free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.
Valencia College prohibits sex discrimination and sexual misconduct, to include sexual harassment and sexual violence. Sexual harassment is a term with specific legal implications. Sexual harassment involves a variety of behaviors such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal and/or physical harassment. Sexual violence refers to conduct of a sexual nature that occurs against a person’s will or without a person’s explicit consent to include circumstances where consent cannot be given.

The College also prohibits gender-based harassment. Acts of a verbal, nonverbal, or physically intimidating nature centered on sex and/or sex-stereotyping will not be tolerated in the Valencia community.

We strongly encourage all members of our College community to seek support for and report all sex discrimination and sexual misconduct to Campus Security, the Title IX Coordinator, or any named Title IX Deputy Coordinator. The roles and responsibilities of these individuals are to assist in removing the misconduct, preventing its recurrence, and addressing the effects. All complaints, regardless of where reported, will be relayed to and evaluated by the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

Campus Security

Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

  •  Title IX Coordinator
  •  Ryan Kane
  •  AVP Org. Development & Inclusion
  •  407-582-3421
    District Office

Equal Opportunity & Employee Relations

  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Lauren Kelly
  •  Director, Equal Opportunity & Employee Relations
  •  407-582-8125
    District Office
  •  Deputy Coordinator 
  •  Ben Taylor
  •  Assistant Director, Equal Opportunity & Employee Relations
  •  407-582-3454
    District Office
  •  Deputy Coordinator 
  •  Chanda Postell
  •  Assistant Director, Equal Opportunity & Employee Relations
  •  407-582-3422
    District Office

East, Winter Park, and School of Public Safety

  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Julie Corderman
  •  Director, Student Services, Winter Park
  •  407-582-6868
    Winter Park 210A
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Joe Sarrubbo
  •  Dean of Students
  •  407-582-2586
    East 5-210L
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Chanda Postell
  •  Regional Director ODHR, EAC, WPK, and SPS
  •  407-582-2760
    East 7-176
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Allison Powell
  •  Assistant Director, ODHR, EAC, WPK, and SPS
  •  407-582-2275
    East 7-174
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Corey Evans
  •  Coord, Student Conduct & Academic Success
  •  407-582-2346
    East 5-210Q
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Ken Olsen
  •  Assistant Director, East, SPS, WPC
  •  407-582-2346
    East 5-220

Lake Nona, Poinciana and Osceola

  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Mindy Mozena
  •  Director, Student Services, Lake Nona
  •  407-582-7780
    Lake Nona 1-149C
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Mary McGowan
  •  Director, Student Services, Poinciana
  •  407-582-4980,
    Poinciana Campus
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Jill Szentmiklosi
  •  Dean of Students
  •  407-582-4142
    Osceola 2-140D
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Lora Lee Johnston
  •  Coord, Student Conduct & Academic Success
  •  321-682-4093
    OSC 2-105
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Melanie Rodriguez Lopez
  •  Regional Director ODHR, OSC, LNC & PNC
  •  321-682-4710
    OSC 1-141C
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Dan Suarez
  •  Assistant Director, ODHR, OSC, LNC, PNC
  •  407-582-8042
    OSC 1-222
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Misty Ellis Peasley
  •  Assistant Director, Security OSC, LNC
  •  407-582-1047
    Osceola 2-109B


  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Rose Quiles
  •  Regional Director ODHR
  •  407-582-1756
    West 6-306B
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Rose Quiles
  •  Assistant Director, ODHR
  •  407-582-5001
    West 6-306B
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Art King
  •  Asst Dir, Security
  •  407-582-1327 
    West SSB 170
  •  Deputy Coordinator
  •  Andel Fils Aime
  •  Dean of Students
  •  407-582-1938
    West SSB 110


BayCare Student Assistance Program

BayCare is a free service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Valencia College students. For support, advice, or someone to listen, please contact the BayCare program.


Victim Service Center of Central Florida

Victim Service Center provides  individualized services and resources to victims of sexual assault, violent crime and traumatic circumstances, through crisis response, advocacy, therapy and community awareness.


Harbor House of Central Florida

Harbor House works to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse in Central Florida by providing critical life-saving services to survivors, implementing and advancing best practices, and educating and engaging the community in a united front.


Help Now of Osceola

Help Now, Inc. provides temporary safe shelter for survivors of domestic abuse facing imminent danger. Help Now is committed to supporting individuals as they establish violence free living. Our shelter exists in an undisclosed location, and all visitors, residents, and staff must sign and uphold a confidentiality statement preventing them from disclosing the location of the shelter. Help Now will neither confirm nor deny whether any person is residing at our shelter.

Help Now Domestic Abuse Advocates provide quality domestic abuse advocacy to shelter clients and their children, as well as to individuals whom call the Domestic Abuse Crisis Line. The goal of the advocate is to empower survivors to become comfortable with making decisions that are right for them.