We Promise That:

Your consultation will be with an instructor. The Writing Center is staffed with Valencia English, Reading, and EAP adjunct faculty and teachers from other disciplines bringing similar teaching experience and credentials.

  • The consultation emphasis will be on teaching and learning.
  • We will discuss as much as is reasonable in a 25-minute consultation.
  • Your paper will probably leave better than when it came in. Improvements are inherently a part of the writing consultation process.
  • You will be your own proof-reader, a transferable skill you can use everywhere.
  • We’ll help you try to earn good grades, but grades are your responsibility.
  • We will help you become a better writer!
  • Note: No children are permitted in the Writing Center per Valencia policy 6Hx28:04-10. Children cannot be left unattended. Please make alternate child care arrangements prior to your consultation.

Valencia College, West Campus, Writing Center 101

How to use the Writing Center to your benefit:

  1. Plan ahead! Make appointments well in advance of deadlines.
  2. Use our services up to three times a week (once each day) during your writing process.
  3. Bring your assignment (paper or electronic copy), sources, course materials, and questions to the appointment. HINT: Paper draft copies allow for optimization of your time.
  4. Identify and share your goals for the consultation.
  5. Let us know what the assignment requirements are and your professor’s expectations.
  6. Transfer the strategies you learn during the consultation to other writing tasks you have.
  7. Take notes during the consultation to help yourself when you’re working on your own.
  8. Plan your next steps as you revise and what you want to learn at your next Writing Center visit.
  9. Practice, practice, practice your new writing skills between visits!
  10. Be kind to yourself along the way; it’s called the writing process for a reason - there are many steps to becoming a better writer, and you have started down the path!