Don't let writing get you down. We're here to help.

All of our consultants are highly qualified and ready to handle any writing question you can throw their way...OK, almost any question. They love helping students with writing!

Instructional Lab Supervisor (Writing Center Coordinator)

Meena Udho
Instructional Lab Supervisor
Phone: 407-582-5063

Instructional Lab Assistants, Sr. (Writing Consultants)

  • Beverley Meer
  • Cheryl Walker 
  • Denise McKnight
  • Laneshia Moore
  • Marilyn Curall
  • Peg Spellman
  • Shannon Murdock

Front Desk Staff

  • Antonique Beckford
  • Juliana Sandoval Gamboa
  • Kirsten Zwieschowski
  • Valeria De Los Angeles Garcia Valera