International Education Committees

In 2008, the SAGE Advisory Committee was formed to provide input and guidance all aspects of study abroad. In 2010 the composition and scope of that group changed with the implementation of the  Strategic Plan for International Education. The International Education Steering Committee was formed to get the work of the strategic plan underway. In September 2012, the College determined that the subcommittees would report directly to the College Learning Council.

Goals of the Strategic Plan for International Education

Goal 1

Curricular Review and Enhancement

Goal 2

Expand College and Community Partnerships

Goal 3

Maximize Funding for SAGE Initiatives

Goal 4

Increase Student and Faculty Involvement in Valencia Global Distinction (VGD), Internationalizing the Curriculum (INZ), Short-term Study Abroad & Semester Abroad Programs

Curriculum Initiatives Yearly Reports

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As part of our work in international education, we surveyed Valencia faculty, staff, and students. Here is a copy of our working draft of the  Competencies of a Global Citizen.
Read more about Internationalization at Valencia. Visit The Grove

Study Abroad Committee


The Study Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE) Committee is a permanent advisory group to the SAGE department and is responsible for overseeing the development, modification, and enhancement of the functions of Valencia’s SAGE initiatives.

Term Limits

Appointed faculty are limited to serving on the SAGE Committee for four consecutive years before rotating off. Appointed members can be nominated by their campus representative to rejoin the committee after rotating off for one or more years.


Member Representation Term Year Appointed
Marieta Chemishanova (co-chair) Curriculum Initiatives by position NA
Michelle Foster (co-chair) Campus Representative – EC by position NA
Dean of Academic Affairs Campus Representative – WC by position NA
Dean of Academic Affairs Campus Representative – OSC by position NA
Lindi Kourtellis SAGE by position NA
Steve Mammino Risk Management by position NA
Shara Lee Faculty & Instructional Development by position NA
Talia Popovski International Student Services by position NA
Beth King INZ/VGD Coordinator by position NA
Robyn Brighton Honors Director by position NA
Jerry Hensel Faculty Ombudsman by position NA
Eric Wallman Faculty – EC appointed 15/16
Aby Boumarate Faculty – EC appointed 18/19
Andrea Bealler Counselor – EC appointed 18/19
Marsha Butler Faculty - WC appointed 17/18
Vacant Faculty - WC appointed  
Fontella Jones Counselor - WC appointed 18/19
Dale Husbands Faculty – OSC appointed 17/18
Maria Delis Faculty – LNC (In lieu of OSC) appointed 7/18
Wayne Bart Academic Advisor – OSC appointed 18/19
Jonathan Lair Faculty – LNC appointed 17/18
Michael Robbins Faculty – PC appointed 15/16
Jamie Prusak Faculty – WPC Appointed 18/19
Nick Bekas Faculty – DTC appointed 17/18

International Education Connections Team

IECT is responsible for final approval of short-term study abroad programs

  • Kathleen Plinske
  • Falecia Williams
  • Stacey Johnson
  • Michelle Foster
  • Lisa Eli
  • Joe Richardson
  • Joan Tiller
  • Jenni Campbell
  • Molly McIntire
  • John Niss